I just noticed that Bailey had some really tiny scab -like dots on various places along his back. When my finger runs over one, it's easily removed (like flakes of dandruff) but with fur attached. Any ideas what this is? Bailey's last bath wad two weeks ago ( we use all natural shampoo) and we haven't been to the dog park in a week due to the rain. No food changes or vaccines recently, and he's eating normally and not scratching at all.

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Happy to report Bailey is back to normal!!!
Hi there Yogi has these too, His are more grey though. When I pick them off they are always also attached to fur. He is also on Frontline so I always just figured it was only dandruff or dry skin. If it is the same as what Yogi gets, it is not flea dirt He has had flea dirt on him before, which is why is now on Frontline, and it looks different.
Sounds like Penny! She is sporadically covered on her sides, back, butt with scabs. When I took her to the vet he told me it was because of dandruff and to wash her with a special medicated shampoo that he gave me. He likened it to acne that people get. Anyways, I've washed her with the shampoo and it hasn't gotten rid of it.
She gets fish oil in her food... she eats Wellness. It's really disheartening to see these scabs on her.
Did you try the baby oil? I only bathe her about once a month so I don't know that it's burns but it's like Bailey... there are scabs and if you remove it a tuft of hair is attached to the scab. She never scratches the scabs or really act like they bother her (unless I pick at it).
Sounds exactly like what Bailey had, didn't try baby oil but I did give him another bath, rinsed like crazy and there are no new scabs, and I felt over his back as of today and there's nothing!
Hmmm. Have you been to your vet yet?


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