Hello all!

Our little guy is currently 5 months old and he's doing great with most things like learning commands, housetraining and is getting pretty good at loose leash walking (still working on it around distractions though). We're still having issues with his mouthiness/biting though. 

Initially we tried doing the 'yelping' I've seen suggested so many times this, however, really did not work - in fact it seemed to egg him on more and he would get very excited and keep going. We quickly realised that wasn't going to work so switched to telling him 'no' and giving him time outs for biting. This worked relatively well - he no longer nips at our heels and if he does bite he never breaks skin so he definitely appears to have some bite inhibition and knows that biting too hard hurts. However, the biting is still very much there - especially when he's playing and gets bored of whatever toy it is we're playing with. His usual tactic is to jump at our heads and bite hair which he also does when someone is laying on the floor and he isn't being distracted by anything.

After looking into it more we starting focusing on redirecting instead and then leaving the room when he keeps biting (before we were moving him to another room rather than removing ourselves from the one we were in). But now, I'm worrying a little that the 'giving him a toy when he bites to redirect' is encouraging him that he can bite to initiate play instead. He's a bit of stubborn one too (as most corgis are) and we're already trying to combat his demand barking so I don't want to add something else 'inappropriate' that he does when wanting something!

Anyway, what I was wondering is whether this is just part of the puppy mouthiness that he will grow out of after his is done teething or (if not) is there something else we should be doing that may be more effective? This is definitely my biggest concern with him, I feel we're making great progress with everything aside from this and I don't want him growing up to think that biting is okay! Any tips/previous experiences would be amazing and thoroughly appreciated! 

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Only one way to stop this and you should now! Loudly say owe or ouch and turn the other way and totally ignore him,I fold my arms up in front of me and do not move. Make sure everyone does this. PS....you can smile or laugh to yourself but don't make or give him any attention. It does work.

Thank you so much! This is close to what we've been trying (we're just using the redirect in addition for when we catch him before he tries to bite). I guess we will just stick with it and hope it works out! Oh, I'm sure I'll be smiling/laughing plenty as I often do (he's just too goofy).

My Grizzly does the exact same things!! Great at learning commands and potty training but the biting is relentless! He will be 3 months tomorrow and it's very frustrating seeing how easily he does on learning commands, etc. and can't seem to shake the biting. He knows the 'no' command pretty well but to be honest he throws little hissy fits when he's told no. I'm pretty eager to see some more suggestions on your post because he is word for word doing the same thing as your little guy!

Haha, this sounds like Percy! He's such a stubborn little guy and even talks back if you tell him off sometimes! I often find myself asking him how he can be so smart and great at commands but won't catch on with stuff like the biting (of course he just looks at me questioningly and has no idea what I've just said)! 

Part of the herding instinct is to nip at the cattle feet to get them going so this is why the nipping.

Oh, definitely! I read up a lot about it beforehand and we managed to stop the nipping at our feet/ankles pretty quickly so it's just his excited mouthiness we're left with and still working on stopping! 


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