Gibson is 5 months now (and a week, but who's counting ;) ). I have about a week or 2 left of his puppy food (wellness just for puppy) and then I was going to switch him to adult food because of recommendations on this site. Eventually, I'd like to switch him to a grain free food, but do you think it is too soon? They have a lot more protein than regular dog food, and I think that was a concern with growing pups? The brand I was thinking of getting him is Wellness Core, which has about 33% min protein, which is a lot less than some other brands (EVO & Orijen have 40% or more). Otherwise I'm going to switch him to regular Wellness Super5Mix until he is older. Also, he will be fixed at 6 months, so I'm not sure if that plays into what I should be feeding him (protein-wise).

If anyone has any expert advise, I'd be greatly appreciative! Thanks!

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Hi Kelly,
We started Harry on grain free at 14 weeks...he has a small intollerance to grain :) He can have treats with a few grains, but not a whole bowl of food. We feed him Evo and he loves it. He is nice and lean and super active. he is now 8 months and doing great. Good luck!
good to know, thanks!
I keep all of my pups on puppy kibble til they are 1 year old. I don't suggest going to an adult kibble.
Yeah, that is what I thought you were supposed to do, but then I heard things about puppies growing too fast and bones getting hurt?
Does age matter if you're going grain free or not? Since some people think they don't need grains at all, it doesn't seem like it should matter. I had Theo in EVO for awhile, but it was just so much darned protein, he was a bit to hyped up on it. I switched to Wellness Super5Mix a couple months ago and we're both really liking it.
I am giving Charlie Wellness Super5Mix for the Large Breed. I've read some internet sources and came to conclusion that "large breed" food is good since corgis have really thick legs (even though they are short).
I guess I just asked about age, because I thought I heard more protein might not be good for puppies, because it would cause them to grow to fast...same reason why some people say that puppy food isn't the best thing to feed. I'm still confused about the whole feeding thing!
it is confusing, especially considering there are so many brands, too! :)

we switched at 6 months
Hm, that's a good point. I started Theo in EVO pretty young, but he actually grew pretty slowly, so I didn't personally have a problem with it. I just made sure that he got a lot of calcium too. If you're worried, you're probably better off sticking to the wellness or something with a bit less protein. It' can't hurt to wait. ;)
my breeder said that it's better to fix Charlie at about 11 months old, so that his body was more developed.
I am going to open a discussion since I do not have any particular opinion on that matter.
We switched over to grain free almost after 2 months with Mochi when we was a puppy. the too much protein as a puppy is more of a concern for large breed dogs.
Wonderful advice, thank you Debbie!


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