Poor Orion tore his ACL this sunday while playing outside with his sister. I brought him to work with me and had the doctor look at it yesterday and plan to get the surgery done to repair the tear. Just wanted to hear other corgis experience with recovering after surgery and wondering what types of rehabilitation techniques you used. My parents have a pool over at there house so I plan on taking him over there to go swimming since its zero impact (and he loves to swim) to help him recover after surgery. It'll be tough keeping him from running around with his sister like an idiot like he typically does.

Also, he just turned 2 in March, is in very good health (goes on 3 mile hikes with me and my boyfriend) and is not overweight (27.26 pounds and tall for a corgi), if that info helps.

Thanks all!

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Seanna tore hers two years ago, and we had the extracapsular repair done.  She was confined to a puppy pen for 16 weeks, with only walks outside on a leash.  No running.  I took her to a physical therapist two weeks after the surgery (with the surgeon's blessing), and she set up a physical rehab program for her.  It involved different exercises and stretches every week.  We also went to hydrotherapy twice a week for over a month.  Seanna has done great.

I'd see if you could find a hydrotherapy program near you.  They start very slow with the walking and resistance to build up the strength again.  I think full swimming right after would be too much.  Eventually it will be great, but too much at least until you're a couple months out from surgery.

Seanna did very well keeping herself low key.  She knew if she was doing too much.  Her pen became her little safe place, and she would go right in there after we came in from going potty.  Never balked it a bit.  

Thanks for your response! How has Seanna done since the surgery? Any additional problems?

If I only had one corgi I wouldn't be too concerned about him being able to rest the leg but with his sister around it may be tough keeping him off his feet. He'll just have to hang out in his kennel (which he loves anyways)

I was thinking with the swimming I'd wait a while after the surgery before starting it and when I do I'll probably put his life vest on since it'll keep him afloat and its not so hard on him. It also has a handle on top that I can hold him up while he just paddles in place in the water.

What types of stretching/exercises did you do with Seanna during the recovery process?

Seanna has done great.  The first year after her surgery, when she ran hard, we'd have to give her a previcox for a day or two, as she'd limp pretty bad.  She has a bone spur in there that they thought was catching.  But since then, she is completely back to normal.  I guess it's been three years since she tore it, not two.  She never limps at all anymore.

I have two other dogs, and one is Seanna's best friend- a german shepherd mix.  She is absolutely crazy--her and Seanna tear around all day long playing.  After the surgery though, Seanna was really good at letting Sage know that she didn't feel good and didn't want to play.  She never really tried to do anything she wasn't supposed to.  When she did start to get some freedom, if Sage got too rough, she'd run back in the pen and let Sage know not to mess with her.  I have pictures on my site if you want to see them--send me a friend request.

I also have her original PT schedule I think.  If you send me your email, I can email it to you.  

I think using the life vest and holding on while he just paddles would work great.  Then as he gets stronger you could let him paddle by himself with it on, then maybe without the vest as he gets back to normal.  Ask me any questions anytime!  It's a long road and I know how overwhelming it can seem!

Jennifer; Snickers has surgery Tuesday, I would also like a copy of the PT if you find it. I will friend you and send you my email. Thanks!

My Maggie tore her acl and had surgery july 1st 2011.  She did really well with recovery and everything.  We did not have physical therapy or hydrotherapy.  Just kept her walking slow on it for a while and built a ramp for the front steps in to the house.  Now....I'm afraid she has torn the other one....she has been limping and it seems as though she is limping on the OTHER leg....which the vet had told me afterwards that there was greater risk of her injuring the uninjured leg than a reinjury to the leg that had surgery.  We will be off to the vets again this week to confirm....I don't know if I hope I'm right or wrong...If I'm right at least I know that she got through the treatment/surgery once successfully and all will be well again.  

Orion tore he other ACL yesterday :( I'm going to an ortho consult on september 5th, it was the soonest I could get one. I guess being at a veterinary school is a good place for him to tear his other ACL. Hopefully the recovery won't be to long. 

This is Ricky-Rafa on day 6 after ACL surgery. He's doing great. The incision is only about an inch.

Seanna just had surgery 7 weeks ago for her second tear too..it's much harder keeping her low key this time!

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that! I knew it was a pretty high probability for him to tear the other one but I didn't think it'd be so soon! His right leg is still a little week and atrophied because it took him a bit longer than average for recovery so he's moving around way less this time around because it would mean hopping on that weaker back leg instead of a good back leg. I'm hoping since I'm a veterinary student I can maybe get discounted rehab. A&M has a lot of great rehab things for balance exercises and they also have a water treadmill. 

Ricky-Rafa had ACL surgery on Friday. He was yanking on the lead from day 1. It's hard to keep him confined. He wants to be off and running with Lucy. He's been much better tho' with the soft cone, and whines a lot less when in his ex-pen. Overall, we're very pleased with his recovery at this point. His incision is about an inch. He puts weight on the leg but sometimes walks on only 3 paws. He goes back next friday to have his stitches removed and I pray that he doesn't need this surgery again on either leg. My heart goes out to Monica and Orion. Another tear is my nightmare, esp. within 6 mo. of the original tear. Sending all good wishes for a FULL and speedy recovery and no more surgeries.

PS  Funny thing here. Lucy avoids him. She's afraid of the cone.

Laika was the same way! She thought Orion was some kind of monster when he had the cone on, but Orion didn't even notice when I'd put it on him. 


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