Is anyone traveling from Albuquerque to Las Vegas?  There's a stray Corgi that we're adopting but we aren't driving from NM.  Any transportation suggestions would be appreciated.

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I got a crate to travel with my corg. It's a Petmate crate and it's great. When she's better behaved and bigger I'll look into getting a restraint that attaches to a seat belt or if I have mySUV by then get s partition for the back.

You said you aren't driving from NM to Vegas? Have you looked into getting him shipped then from Vegas to your home? 

Shipping requires that he be current on shots.  We don't know if he is or not-he's a stray in the middle of nowhere NM (an area where people dump unwanted dogs-don't get me started).  So, unless we have him get shots with a vet we don't know (sorry, I love my vet), no shipper will take him.  I'm hoping there's a corgi-lover who happens to be driving from NM to Las Vegas.

Where's the dog now? If it's a shelter aren't they by law required to update them before they're adopted?

Good luck with your search.


He's not in  a shelter.  He has been let loose in a rural area.  As I said, people dump dogs they don't want in this rural area.  So, we're trying to give him a home where he's wanted.

Oh my...poor dog! If I lived near there I would help!

Well, plans changed.  Instead of flying back to Las Vegas, David rented a car and drove back yesterday with the little guy.  He is blowing his coat and is as thin as can be.  We'll be posting before and after pictures.  He's getting along well with the other guys and we're working on a name.  Vet appointment is Saturday.

Glad you got the poor little guy:) Can't wait to hear more:)


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