Hello, I'm in need of some Trifexis. I don't have enough money to buy a whole 6 month supply. I was wondering if anyone here had one I could buy until I get more money. Kota is about 40 pounds. So, I need that one. I can send you the money via money order and also pay for shipping. If you'd like to donate one that would be awesome too. Kota is sooo miserable from these fleas!!! 

Hugs and corgi kisses.


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Until you get some trifexis you can wash him with dish soap. Doesn't take much just make sure you hit every spot. Leave it on for a few minutes and presto! It smothers the fleas but doesn't do much for the eggs. You will need to repeat the process until all the fleas have hatched. I would bug bomb your place as well to get rid of what fleas have made a home in there. Not sure on the soap to water ratio but I'm sure you can find more information on google. Hope this helps :)

I am planning on doing this and/or a betadine wash as that's an antiseptic and will help with the itching. Also, going to do a rinse with apple cider vinegar to help with the itching as well. Thank you for the response. Laurie (my friend I'm living with said she has some bombs, so I'm planning on doing that this weekend. 

Some vets let you buy  flea/tick meds one month at a time, mine does. It may be worth a few phone calls.

Yeah, mine lets us buy it by the pill. It's 22$ for one pill. We've been doing 1 pill at a time since Ein is not yet 20lbs and I'd hate to waste money on a 6 month box for her to grow out of it.

Our vet let's Us buy individual pills.They also have discount Tuesdays when they also honor the pill for that.Check around :)!There are still vets out there who understand budget issues.

Most vets will let you purchase a single dose of flea meds. If yours won't, call around at different facilities. If they won't do a single dose of trifexis, they might sell a single dose of the liquid kind, like frontline. 

I just moved to Salem, Oregon and have not got a vet yet. I will call around to see if I can figure something out. I got the apple cider vinegar and dawn dish soap and betadine today. I found a recipe of 1/3 betadine, 1/3 dawn and 1/3 water... lather all over dog except around eyes and nose and let sit for 5 minutes. Rinse. I'll keep you all updated. Thank you all for your help!!!

I would try straight peroxide after he's wet  (will not burn) and Benadryl for the fleas if he's really itching. This won't hurt him.

So, you're suggesting getting Kota wet and pouring straight Hydrogen Peroxide on him? Do you rinse him or just dry him off after a few minutes? I've been giving him some benadryl when i'ts super bad and I really can't see giving him a bath the day after I gave him a bath..

I just got Kota weighed at a veterinary place near me, they were all lovely ladies. He weighs 37 pounds. I ordered a 3 dose box of Frontline Plus. It should be here like the 3-5th.


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