My Maggie is 8 years old, 24 lbs and in good shape. We generally go on a 2-3 mile walk each day unless it's raining. Lately I've noticed that she sometimes trips while walking. She won't fall down completely, but she will stumble on one of her front legs but then straighten up right away and continue to walk. She doesn't seem to be in pain. Last time I took her to the vet she felt her legs and didn't feel anything wrong, no signs of arthritis. Do you think she could just be a little clumsy or could it be something more serious? Do any other corgis trip while on walks??


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Turbo will do the same thing...I think he is just derping too much and trips over those stummpy lil legs :)
Has she ever been tested for DM? She is a little young I think for symptoms to start to show, but if the tripping is something new I would look into it further.

DM usually affects the back legs first, I believe.

Anecdotally, here's one test for DM:  with the dog standing, lift a hind paw and pull it backwards, placing it upside-down on the floor, so the top of the foot is touching the ground, as if it were dragging.  If the dog does not correct this position promptly, that could be a sign of DM.  I did get this from a vet, but remember, this is 3rd-hand layman's information, so if your dog does this, don't freak.  Take a deep breath, see your vet. 

Yeah it does start with the back end. I have heard in some cases where the dog appeared to trip or misstep in the beginning stages, but that's purely anecdotal of course. If she does have some sort of unknown physical problem it might be nice to know for sure if she was at risk or not, just to be able to rule it out.
I tried that test and I really don't think Maggie has DM. She tried to correct that position before I could even finish putting it in position with the top of the foot touching the ground. She doesn't like me touching her feet! (but i am able to use a dremel grinder on her nails)
Hi Maggie, when was your last pedicure? Long nails can can slow you down :)
her nails are fine, thanks :) They get ground down pretty regularly from her walks, and I use a grinder to file the jagged edges every few weeks.

It doesn't sound like DM to me.  I lost my Emma this past August to DM and it does start with the hind end, toe dragging, then odd walking hitch.  She may just be going too fast for her legs, she is getting older and not as athletic, but I would certainly keep an eye on it and continue checking it out when you visit the vet.  Good Luck!



Hi there. My benson occasionally seems to trip or stumble a bit,he's 18mnths old, I just put it down to over enthusiasm on our walks.
Thanks for your responses, everyone. I don't think she has DM. She is good, and actually the last time we went for a walk she didn't stumble at all.
Aber used to trip like that from time to time, and he has IVDD.   I doubt their related, but I figured I'd throw that in.  I always assumed it was because he's stumpy, but Kelso and Ragnar never trip.
Ace stumbles and trips alot at the dog park if he has been playing for more then half an hour
could be she is just tired and not paying attention when she trips :)

though Ace is 2 i KNOW he is clumsy lol so that could also be the case :)


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