Lots of questions here, but it's been a while since I've had a puppy.  I am going ahead and talking to some breeders in TN (If you're one or know of one, contact me please).  I am not looking for a puppy until February-April, which gives me plenty of time to research breeders.

How much should I expect to pay for a Corgi puppy?  I have seen some in the $2,500 range that were AKC registered, had a chip installed, and several other things.  Is this the normal price range?  I am not really looking for a Corgi to show. I realize if their lineage has showdogs, they will have a better documented history, but I also know that you can get great dogs that don't have their entire lineage on paper. 

 When should I ask the breeder(s) for prices?  Any advice I can get from experienced Corgi owners/breeders is appreciated.

Thank you

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Beth....I know, they are harder to come by.  I know I want another fluffy when the time comes.

Thank you for all the advice and replies.  It is really appreciated. 

I paid $1,000 for Ruby last January. AKC registered, microchipped, puppy shots, dewormed, pet quality.

Hi Heather!

When we got our Corgis we were not interested in showing, either. Both are purebred, one is papered and one is not. We got both from different breeders in Iowa and paid $350 for each. We did get a slight discount on one since the breeders are friends of ours. Both were microchipped and had their first round of vaccinations. Unfortunately, one of the breeders does not breed any more and the other does not regularly breed. They are both very healthy dogs and were exactly what we were looking for. We got them both about 3 years ago.

I would expect $500-1500 depending on location and quality. Purchase price on a dog is not the place to try for a good deal though, as you often get what you pay for.

Most breeders won't give you two puppies at once. They would need to be socialized individually and tend to bond more with each other than you. It's also double the costs (keep in mind a new puppy can cost upwards of $2k in the first year) and they don't necessarily entertain each other. Wait until one is at least a year old IMO.

We paid $1000 for a fluffy in 2012, but the cost was the same if we had gotten a regular coat pup. She was AKC (limited) registered with puppy shots up to 14 weeks when we picked her up. This was in southern VA and with a known show dog lineage.

I'd also advise waiting a bit for a second puppy. I can't imagine the amount of time needed to house-train, socialize and otherwise train too puppies at once. It might also be easier with the second pup if the older one already "knows the ropes."

I second and third the advice on not getting two puppies at once, unless masochism is your thing.

Back in my German shepherd days, I was advised never to get a pair of siblings. They might appear to get along fine at first, the prevailing wisdom went, but after a year or so they were likely to turn on each other. Is that true? I dunno.

But in the corgi department, I do know they can be very stubborn about house-training. Cleaning up after one dog is quite enough; two would leave you tearing your hair. Also, corgis are prone to urinary tract infections, a chronic condition that can rack up some very fine veterinary bills. Ruby is given to allergies that manifest themselves as ear inflammation. Take the amount you pay for the pup and double it, and that'll give you some idea of how much the first year will deplete your checking account. Double-double...isn't that quadruple?

If you work all day long and can't come home over the lunch hour, you might want to consider getting an adult dog that's already house-trained, can "hold it" for the better part of a day, and is calm and mature. Most dogs sleep all the time you're out of the house...once they're grown. They don't really need a canine pal.


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