So I found my first unique challenge of owning a corgi this evening. Selphie is doing decently with her potty training, but she still has these little accidents (of course) but it's no big deal. We went to petsmart and bought a pack of xsmall diapers. We come home and first find that since she has no tail, the tail hole will not stay over her tail area. Second we found out that since she has inch long legs, the diapers scrape along the ground constantly if put on the correct way and she can hop right out of the diaper. Then we found out that even if you put the diaper on upside down and fasten tightly AND tape the diaper she would still be able to snake her stumpy legs out. My goodness..... What sorts of very unique issues have you come across with your corgi?

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 Franklin's stubby legs get him into trouble when he sneezes really hard, he ALWAYS smacks his face into the ground which makes him sneeze again, and starts a vicious cycle which can be pretty entertaining.

Also we've always had a hard time with the e-collars (cone of shame!) during surgeries because he has a long nose which requires a long collar but his legs are so stubby the right size collar often drags or gets caught on the ground. So we have had to switch to a blow up collar (which he is so long he still could get to his stitches in all 3 of his surgeries)

Thanks for the warning about this, actually, lol, when we get her spayed we'll have to look for an alternative to an e cone if she's anything like him.

There are fabric e-collars like the one in the picture below. I found them for dogs at my local chain petstore. I know with the plastic e-collar, Kit would drag it and then get stuck on the tiles and end up being miserable... i ended up just holding the collar up whenever we were outside... then i saw the fabric ones and cursed the heavens for not knowing sooner... i'll get the fabric one when i get the girlie spayed in the spring

Shiro has both, but the fabric one that he got at an emergency hospital was too large and he stepped on it all the time. Otherwise it would be a good alternative, especially when crated. Poor baby couldn't turn around in his plastic one and kept getting stuck between furniture.
There is a wonderful alternative to the e-collar. It's a blow up donut that just sits around their neck.
the blow up donut is what I had, he is so long he was able to reach around the donut and lick the sutures on his back leg, but for his neuter he basically wouldnt' move when the blow up collar was on so it worked ok keeping him away from those sutures haha.
Noodles slips out of most harnesses because his legs are so short. Of course this only happens when he doesn't want to do what I want him to do. It is pretty impressive that he figured it out.
My Gus became a little incontinent later in his life and I tried the diaper route too.  He slipped right out of them and he and his big brother Leo would run around the house tearing the diaper to pieces!  The piddle phase passed, but the two 'seniors' reverted back to puppies with those diapers!
Try not to trip over them...

I have to hold Seanna's rawhides so she can chew them.  She can't hold them with her stubbins.  She'll bring them over to me and drop them on my lap, and look at me like "well?".  I pick them up, she lays down, and starts gnawing while I hold and stabilize it for her.  She's such a princess.

Bucher also tries this!!!  He would rather we hold the rawhides, but he can do it!  People think it is sooo funny to watch him try and get us to hold the rawhide for him (he can be very demanding)!  He also wants us to hold the slimmy end of the rawhide..they are so smart. 

You don't need the diapers. This will actually slow down the potty training process. Just take her out every 30 minutes (literally) and keep her crated when you're not watching her. Crating is the best option for young puppies, they stay safe and out of trouble, just make sure the crate is small enough so she doesn't have a corner to pee in and large enough to stand up and stretch out.


Speaking of corgi challenges, when Shiro was little I could never tell whether he peed or not. He didn't squat or lifted a leg, he'd just let if flow. And due to short statue I couldn't see if anything was happening. 



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