Thought it would be fun to have a place to show corgi items we have found. I found my kissing corgi/salt and pepper shakers at a gift shop....never expected to see corgis so it was a pleasant surprise.

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I should take a photo of my corgi shelf...I've also discovered ebay for corgi items. It's dangerous!

*ahem* my name is Geri, and I'm a corgi addict. :)

Yes! I wish to see The Shelf!

I got a squishable too. Ok I got one for my goddaughter who's off to college, but I threw in one for me, too, who can resist??

Oh, I just have to tell you that I loved the tea towel so much that I searched the internet to get one.  Everyone was sold out.  Then I found some on eBay and contacted a woman in England.  Originally she was not going to send any through overseas mail, but she made an exception for me.  It has not arrived yet, but I plan to frame it and hang it in my kitchen.  Thanks for posting this.


I think I might need to order the corgi weathervane:)

Tiny Corgi necklace from Etsy!  Love it!


Those salt and pepper shakers are too cute. I love that there's a tri and a red&white.

Besides Bay I have her twin Squishee, she's very well behaved.....I do love the salt shakers and have seen lots of neat stuff on Etsy, have also seen a lot of cute Xmas ornaments on Ebay. I too would love to buy more items but I just daughter bought me a coffee mug with the Corgi crossbones and eye patch, I just love it..

So cute!

These are all awesome!  I am trying to get my dad to make  some different corgi crafts, not just boxes.  We donate them to the Corgi Aid auction.  I have a pencil topper that I got at Windsor Castle.  Don't know how unique it is...I'll have to see if I can find it!

I proudly display this one on my kitchen counter....I was so surprised when they came to get Rainy and I was presented with this...I have a better pic on my photos...


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