Ok - thanks for everyone's feedback.

Penney was put on a trial pain meds for about a week. After that she seemed to start warming back up.

However there are still certain areas of the house where she shies away from me. She wants to follow me around everywhere, although she's not emotionally dependent on me.

She loves attention when I'm "indisposed" in the bathroom, as well as when we are on walks outside. But on the bed at bedtime, she darts away if I try to pet her - yet she sleeps at my feet.

OTOH, she loves to let me scritch her rear end anytime.

I'm ok with this to an extent - but I really would like to cuddle her. It takes a lot of coaxing for her to approach if I'm not in bathroom or outside.

Any other ideas besides a pain issue...?

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I would start some very simple training exsercises with lots of baby talk and yummy treats. Just a couple times a day for very short duration. I like Zak George videos on utube. Start with simple things like sit and shake. Training is a great way to bond. Good luck with her!

Thanks, Bev - do you think this would still work with a 7 yo dog...?

Remember that corgis are independent little beasts.  The way you describe her sounds pretty normal.  Sleeping at the end of the bed is normal.  As a herding breed, they need to keep an eye on things, and they don't like to get all hot from human body heat.    At least that's the experience I've had with the three corgis I've had in my life.  Maybe you can meet her half-way and accept that she may never be the cuddle bunny you had hoped for, but she will be a loyal and loving friend all the same.  

Good points - thanks, Susan.


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