ok first off let me say i'm very embarrassed as i keep a spotless house & i feel like i have a filthy home all because of this odor.
how do i get rid of this urine odor. i think it is the carpet because i steam clean my carpet weekly & for a day or so after it smells better.
from what i understand (we are renters) there was a family that lived here before us that had a whole truck load of cats that used the whole house as a bathroom. there has always been a slight odor to the house esp when it gets really humid or really hot, & this is even before we got our corgi's. well i think that between that & the puppies when they were going through potty training (even though i steam cleaned it up after their accidents) that it has become an issue. i'm not sure what to do any more, i steam clean the carpets weekly & i use a pet stain & odor soap in it. i just used Urine Gone (the whole bottle, but i don't know if it got down to the pad) in hopes that the enzyme in it will kill the odor. any other ideas, i'm going completely loony trying to put an end to it, i'm extremely obsessive about having a clean home & i can't deal with this, i have never had this problem before & i have had many dogs before that i had to potty train. i can't afford to change the carpet & the landlord probably won't either unless he uses our deposit which i don't want him to do cause that is my father-in-laws money. HELP!

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The urine has enzymes that have to be broken down. You cant just soap and water the urine as the dog can still smell the spot. What you may need to do is steam clean your carpet if its gotten really bad, or you can purchase a spray that breaks down the enzymes found in the dogs urine. We use an organic one that has a fresh scent also.
ok, im waiting to c if the stuff i just sprayed with the enzymes helps any. i also called some carpet cleaning companies around here & i scheduled someone to come out to tomorrow to look at the carpet & padding. i think i'm going to have them do an enzyme treatment on the carpet. i just can't deal with it anymore, it is literally mental torture for me since i am sooo obsessive about cleanliness. do you have a link or anything to the product u use?
Hydrogen peroxide - keep 6 bottles at home, use it generously.
Baking Soda Plain - sprinkle it in your carpet and let it sit for a good time, vacuum afterward.
& this completely gets rid of the odor? it doesn't damage the carpet?
I use peroxide for everything...the strength isn't as strong as it used to be! I have never had it ruin anything:)
Hi Robyn,

Commercial 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide is often used to disinfect flesh wound, it will not damage your carpet.

If you look at the strongest pet urine remover on the market right now, it's the Nature's Miracle Orange-Oxy Power Just for Cats Stain & Odor Re.... (cat urine is more acidic). You'll notice the ingredients are: Water, Hydrogen peroxide (in manufacturer's faq), orange extract and fragrance.

The last ingredient is mainly for the human. Water you can get it from the tap, Hydrogen peroxide is 69-99 cents per litre at walmart. Orange extract is just citrus scrap+water+brown sugar fermented over 3 months in a bottle.

Hydrogen peroxide will help you to bubble up the soiled area, make sure you saturated the area first, wait and then use paper towel to absorb the excess. The orange extract is the "Enzyme" that speed up the decomposition process, it attaches itself to the mess and helps it break down faster. The Baking soda will absorb the odor (when dry), you can also add water and make it into a paste to clean the color off.

If the urine is very acidic, it will have a light burn on the carpet and no matter how many times you clean, it will still show up on the black light, but the color is more faded compare to fresh stain.

Nature's miracle is about $8-9 for 24oz
Hydrogen peroxide $1-1.48 for 24oz

If you go the DIY route, the savings will add up throughout your dog ownership years :)
One of the things I was told by someone who always has a lot of dogs, and some are rescues, so potty training may be uncertain, is that a black light will show urine stains on a carpet. Now, if you've completely shampooed the carpet I don't know if they would show up. But, if you want to figure out if you've got a problem area, it definitely works. You can order a blacklight online in a flashlight size, or maybe find one locally. I ordered mine. It only works if the room is completely dark, but urine definitely lights up and you can find the places to treat. I've bought one of the enzymatic cleaners at Petsmart that works really well, but you have to totally soak the carpet so that the cleaner gets down to the pad. I've literally poured a cup of liquid on a small spot. I can't remember the exact brand, but it comes in a gallon jug with red and white lettering. One has a sweet smell and the other brand is odorless. I like the odorless one better.
wow thanks everyone! i think the whole carpet needs to b done honestly. but this really helps me out. i had to cancel my appointment with the carpet cleaner :( i had to go to the er last night & i'm not feeling well today
years ago, and I mean years, my parents bought a house with a room that had been used as a cat litter box. They had to seal the flooring under the carpet as the urine had seaped down into the flooring. i don't know if the peroxide would have helped bring it up out of the flooring.
yeah, that's what the carpet cleaning place was concerned about. they had said if it did get down that far that i would have to replace it if it was wood or paint over it if it was concrete
I've heard that also about the wood!
Hi Carol, the only way to asses the damage is to rip up the flooring and discard the padding, from the sound of it, the subfloor must have been flooded and rotted, in that case, no amount of peroxide will "help", the ideal way to fix the situation would be replacing the entire subfloor, seriously if the amount of urine was great enough to rot the subfloor, "mold" will be your worst nightmare.

Since Robyn is renting the place, depending on how long the lease is and the current relationship with the landlord, she may be able to work out some deals with the owner. I've had a renter who was willing to split the cost of tile installation in my house, since I was looking to replace the carpet anyway, I accepted the offer. In this economy, landlords are looking for long term renters who treat their property well. Maybe Robyn can propose the removal of the old carpet and padding. Depending on the size of the room, it should be around $500-600 for a midgrade carpet + medium padding + installation, so if she split 50% of the cost, that's $250 -300 each and both parties win in the long run. Just a thought.


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