So we took Roxi in because after checking her for fleas.. washing her.. cutting off all snacks to her.. washing her bed.. giving her some human allergy meds... SHE WAS STILL ITCHY...

so the vet gave us some dog allergy meds and sent us home....

five days later poor girl is still trying to rip her fur off... she's miserable and the vet called to see how the meds were doing.

I explained nothings changed except we now have an itchy.. sleepy.. upset tummy dog.. (and to top it all the stores in the area are out of pumpkin :(   )

So she offered to give us more allergy meds with a hint of steroids... Red Flags Went Up!

I politely told her that I'll talk to Chris and we'd call her back.... She said if not that we can try some other allergy meds until we find one that may work....

So not sure what to do at this point.. I am really really against steriods but not sure if drugging her up with more allergy medication is going to help especially if we don't "find one that works"....

any thoughts on this? am I freaking myself out reading about sterioids on dogs like some people do with WebMD about their conditions?

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This does help a lot - we are also switching to the raw food diet which I heard also helps clears things up so I'm hoping this wont be a long term thing.

The fact everyone came out ok on your end does help ease my mind.
If my dog was in as much discomfort as poor Roxi I would probably look to steroids as a short term solution. I do not want my dogs on any long-term meds, but in the short term, it might alleviate the symptoms while you try to find the underlying problem. If it were me, my next step after the steroid treatment would be to either 1) try homeopathy or 2) set up an appointment with a canine dermatologist.
There's canine dermatologists?! I never knew this!

homeopathy sounds good - that's what we were moving towards trying (researching stuff online) but she just got so bad that we took her into the vet.

I was currently starting on researching honey and if the raw food diet actually helps their body adjust to new environments.
Yes, they do! =) Now, whether or not they is one within an easy driving distance from you may be another story. If you are interested in homeopathy, I know a great canine homeopath. I have used her myself with luck and she has several clients who are "big time" in the dog world. I know of at least two dogs you would have seen on TV at Westminster this year who she helps and she has been mentioned in the Whole Dog Journal! (in the interest of full disclosure I should also mention she bred my show Aussie boy, lol, she is great though and I do love her)
So we decided to go for it since its a low dose that will be tapered off over time.

Meanwhile we're going to get some local honey since it seems in small amounts its ok...

annnddd *gasp* found a local dermatologist!

Goodness what we do for these little dogs :) It's all worth it!
It IS worth it! Good luck!!
Sparty is 11 and has taken short bouts of Prednisone over the past 7 or 8 years with no ill effects. He has been allergy tested and is highly allergic to just about everything. He gets an allergy shot once a month but a couple times a year he needs a boost. So far this year we have skipped the spring outbreak. He lives with his allergies now with very few problems. For a couple years we did not think he would survive his itching was so bad he bled. So research, and ask questions, but listen to the professionals too.
My german shepard/rottweiler mix was allergic to chlorophyll (the stuff that makes plants green) so every year from spring to late fall, she had horrible horrible allergies!! Every time she came in contact with a green plant, she would break out and go nuts. After the first year, we had to put her on steroids from spring to fall every year. She lived to be 8 years old which I thought was amazing for all the troubles she had. She never experienced any troubles with the steroids. The only thing it hurt was our pocketbook lol, but we didn't mind.
Have you looked into the food she is eating? You mentioned snacks but what about her Kibble? Shelly was extremely ichy for a whole year we tried a few different things before I switched her food to a grain free fish based food instead of her normal chicken and rice, Im assuming it was the chicken in her diet because her iching has gone down significantly !
Currently we feed them Wellness Core which we've done since it came out. We're actually swapping them to the raw food diet so hopefully that will help a lot in itself.

We stopped most of the snacks as a just in case measure but its frustrating when you're feeding/doing what you've always done all their lives and suddenly their trying to eat their own fur off :(.

Thank you for the advice! :)
I love this sight. Try this link:
That is awesome! Thank you so much! I tried the apple cider ving. idea but it didn't help at all. This is great that it has so many ideas! Thank you!


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