So we took Roxi in because after checking her for fleas.. washing her.. cutting off all snacks to her.. washing her bed.. giving her some human allergy meds... SHE WAS STILL ITCHY...

so the vet gave us some dog allergy meds and sent us home....

five days later poor girl is still trying to rip her fur off... she's miserable and the vet called to see how the meds were doing.

I explained nothings changed except we now have an itchy.. sleepy.. upset tummy dog.. (and to top it all the stores in the area are out of pumpkin :(   )

So she offered to give us more allergy meds with a hint of steroids... Red Flags Went Up!

I politely told her that I'll talk to Chris and we'd call her back.... She said if not that we can try some other allergy meds until we find one that may work....

So not sure what to do at this point.. I am really really against steriods but not sure if drugging her up with more allergy medication is going to help especially if we don't "find one that works"....

any thoughts on this? am I freaking myself out reading about sterioids on dogs like some people do with WebMD about their conditions?

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Replies to This Discussion a hold of my girlfriend. Her dog started scratching and it was terrible. Gave him a cortisone shot,changed to a corn free food.Switched to an oatmeal shampoo and fish oil. This was about 6 months ago and the vet did say they could do more shots every3 months but they haven't needed to! He's also not eating the corn free food anymore...he didn't like it! They were going to do more testing if this came back...and it hasn't. I know from having exema as a child that once you start can't stop. maybe it would be worth trying 1 time and giving Roxi time for her skin to heal?
Ooo I did read that the steroids sometimes adjusted their bodies enough that they were fine for the rest of their lives. So I'm crossing my fingers on that one lol

Thank you for the information! I appreciate it so much!
You're welcome...keep us updated as to what you decide and how it works!! Good luck!
Know what? I put my SON (human) on steroids when his allergies/asthma got out of hand. His skin would clear up so beautifully. So would I do it for my dog? Oh, yes. I love those steroids.
Thank you for all the replies! I picked up a low dose steroid for her last night and gave her the first one this morning.. It'll last for the month so I'm hoping from what a lot of you have told me that this will help her get over her allergies.

As I said before I'll also be looking into other things I can do to help her.

One of my friends mentioned her dog had this issue but it was his thyroid and the steroids helped him with that as well.. so keeping my fingers crossed lol.
I was put on high dose prednisone and that was horrific- but it was HIGH dose (for an allergic reaction that the normal shots did nothing to help). (It was bad enough that I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days and on 80mg/day IV prednisone.) Those are the horror stories you find. Normal doses for normal allergy situations are completely different and generally, there aren't horror stories, so likely your little Roxi will be just fine soon.
Grains are often allergens to dogs. I highly recommend Natura's EVO food for grain-free. ( They have good quality products at a reasonable price if you aren't doing BARF or a variant. There are tons of places that carry EVO in VA, too.
Hang in there. The pollens in VA right now are insane. It will get better!!! My heart goes out to Roxi on this one!!!!!!
Yup we are slowly swapping the pups from Wellness CORE to the BARF diet. I think we looked at EVO at one point when we were just curious to see what was better/cheaper out there then CORE. The usual curious looking hehe.

The pollen is crazy here! My boss has been home because he's all drugged up himself lol.

Thank you for the information :) I did read the horror stories online and I think its like a lot of information on the web.. a lot of the people who post are venting bad experiences. I'm so happy to have found this site so long ago :)

I'm so sorry to hear you had one of those bad experiences :(


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