Oppy's had a sensitive stomach in the past but has generally been pretty good as of late.  He threw up once in the morning about a week ago, once yesterday afternoon, once this morning around 1am, and then again around 8am.  Each time has just been bile (not a whole lot) so I'm not overly concerned, but my wife is freaking out (she said there was partially digested food in his vomit yesterday).  I fed him some rice this morning (around 8:30) to help calm his stomach but we won't be able to check back on him until around 3:30-4 this afternoon.  My wife thinks 3 times in 24 hours is excessive, but since it's all just been bile, I'm hesitant to go pay the vet $100 if she's just going to tell me to feed him rice and boiled chicken.  If he vomits again, I'll probably take him, but my gut just says it's not a real problem right now.  Anyone have any insight or experiences that could help ease our minds?  Thanks!

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I wouldn't worry. I'd rest his tummy for a little bit and give him something mild. Jack will vomit bile sometimes if his tummy was empty, so you may want to look at when he is fed and make sure he gets a small snack in between meals. Vomiting multiple times in a hour or having copious watery and/or bloody diarrhea would make me call the vet, but not gagging up some bile a few times.
Maverick got into a slug the other day and threw up countless times, first one was food, the rest all bile. He was still super energetic and playful and would drink water, so we just let his body rid itself of the nasty slimey slug taste and after about a day he was back to not puking. We weren't too concerned because we know what we use as far as pesticides and lawn spray (my boyfriend does it for a living, uses non toxic stuff, and hadn't used anything in a long time) and since Mav wasn't lethargic and was still drinking water, it wasn't too serious. If Oppy's still puking and is lethargic and is showing signs of not acting normal, $100 might be a small price to pay for comfort knowing he'll be okay. But vomiting is the body's way of ridding icky stuff. I'm sure it will pass. But believe me, I was a wreck when he was puking. It's the worry wart in my genes. ;-) The vet will obviously have a more educated and comforting answer, always, but I hope everything is okay.

Thanks for the insight.  I figured since he wasn't having any other symptoms it wasn't too serious.  We'll see how he's doing later today.

Hi Matt, What has he ingested within the last 48 hours? What's his rectal temperature? Can he keep water down? What about his gum color? Make sure he keeps up his hydration level, if any of those things change, you'll need to take him to the vet asap. I would let his stomach rest for the next 24 hrs, water only. Keep us updated!

He likes to rummage around the backyard, could have found some mushrooms, rabbit poop, or something else (although it's our pug that generally likes to eat those).  Other than that, it's just been Purina dog chow twice a day (8:30, 5:30).  Can't check his gums (at work now) but I didn't notice anything off before I left.  We don't have a thermometer either.  We're gonna keep a good eye on him the next day or two, I'm hoping it's nothing serious.

Noodles is famous for throwing up and has thrown up 7 times in 24 hours before. I've only had to take him in once and that was because his gums were pale because he wouldn't drink any water. (That was a sad trip seeing him hooked up to IV's, given a shot to stop throwing up and yet he still threw up. Poor guy.) But, back to Oppy. As long as he his drinking water, I would back off on any food for a bit and then transition back in to something bland (I make rice and boil eggs). The portions are rather small and I do a few times a day (if I'm able to like on Saturday or Sunday) and this goes on for a few days. Oh, I add water to this mixture as well to make sure Noodles is getting enough water (sometimes when he is sick, he doesn't like drinking his water and this is my way of tricking him to drink.) Then I slowly transition back into his normal food. Don't know if this helps or not, but it seems to work well for Noodles and he thinks he is getting spoiled because he gets rice and eggs.

Like everyone said, keep an eye on hydration and his energy level. Ein threw up a lot one night, was fine for a day then threw up several times again. I took the wait and see approach and she was very lethargic and not herself (snuggled all day without a game of tug?!). Off to the vet - had blood panel and fecal done along with a shot to calm the tummy and iv hydration which her body slurped up. The vet gave me a wormer dose (just in case) and told me she could use pepcid for upset tummyness. She bounced out of it and was so much perkier after the hydration. So keep track of hydration!

Kaylee recently vomited three times (food, food and a mix) after the stress of returning home after boarding. Within 12hrs she was completely recovered. I would worry more if there was vomiting and any change in behavior or signs of an obstruction. If you can call for advice without paying a vet fee, they might be able to instruct you better, especially if they know your pup.

Well Oppy hasn't vomited since yesterday morning (almost 24 hours now) and he's still acting perfectly normal.  He did give us a bit of a scare by not pooping but he did when I took him out this morning.  I think we're in the clear now, thanks everyone for all your support!

Arwyn threw up in her kennel last night and again right after breakfast. I didn't think too much of it until I noticed that she didn't even eat all of her food this morning. Now I am a bit concerned as to what is going on.

How is she acting?  If she's generally acting normal, I wouldn't worry too much (unless she keeps getting sick).  She could have just eaten something that didn't agree with her.  Just keep an eye on her and hopefully she gets better.

She's curled up snoozing right now which is what she usually does in the morning, so it's kind of hard to tell. She did throw up again, but it's just bile at this point.


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