Hi Everyone.

Lately, my younger corgi has been throwing up. What's interesting about it is that its usually her dinner that comes back up in the middle of the night or early morning. AND its all solid food, like it has not been digested. Last night, was the worst. Perhaps she throws up her morning food too, but I dont know about it since Im at work. Because she usually eats it...
On top of all that she's been getting some recurrent UTI.
I cant make it to the vet until Wednesday.

What is going on with her? Does anyone have any thoughts or advice?

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Not sure about the throwing up, unless she has a bad bladder infection that's moved to her kidneys. Is she running a fever? Seanna had frequent UTI's too up to about a year of age. She has some extra tissue around her vulva that overhangs. It helped when I started trimming her hair really short around that area, and I wipe her with baby wipes once a day when she starts getting irritated. She hasn't had one again in quite a while. Corgi's are also prone to bladder stones, so have your vet check her really good. Make sure she is peeing OK, if a stone is blocking her outflow, that's an emergency.
If she's got a little bug or something, I think it's suggested to withold food for 24 hours. Then feed white rice (we usually use minute rice) and boiled chicken or beef mixed together, not too much. And see how she can handle that. If she still can't keep it down you really need to consult your vet. Be sure she's getting fluids. Dogs can go without food but they can't go without water!! If she's not drinking either you really need to get her too a vet.
Hello Candy and sick baby. My dogs sometimes vomit undigested food and I think its because they are all speed eaters and don't bother to chew their food. They seem to act as if its a competition to see who can eat the fastest. A change in food or an allergy can cause upset tummies and my boys will sometimes vomit after they have been eating grass. (its alot of fun to step in on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night)

As far as the UTI goes, I cant really give any advice. I hope she gets better. Keep us posted.
Ive held food all day already. I just tried giving her a little and she's still not holding it down. Nothing has changed in regards to her food. Can dogs get the stomach bug/flu too?
Sometimes Niko throws up if he gets too hot. Try buying a small fan and putting it on her at night. Also if she eats too fast that could cause her to throw up. Try only placing small amounts of food in her bowl at different times each day. Then she wont eat alot all at once.
Occasionally I have a dog throw up 1-2 x's for no apparent reason....have you changed foods? Is she drinking water and keeping that down?I have one of my dogs right now not eating and I think it's her tummy being upset. With the UTIs did the vet tell you to make sure she gets all her meds consistantly? If you stop b/4 they're done it may not be killing the bacteria . Good Luck.
Thanks for all the advice and kind words everyone!!
Faye is not throwing up anymore. In fact, she stopped right after the vet visit. Funny thing, huh?
Gave me quite a scare. As far as the UTI; well its not looking like a UTI, after all different urine sample we collected and cultured to see if any bacteria is in it. But she still has traces of red blood cells and some white blood cells in the urine. Its probably something else. Maybe its like what Jennifer M. says. Probably something with her special area. Vet recommended to wait it out for 2 weeks and see if its something that resolves on its own.
And yes, Faye does have a history of bladder stones. She had it surgically removed about a year ago. But we did tons of x-rays to make sure its not there again. So far, results are negative.
I guess we will have to just wait and see...
Good luck and keep us posted!


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