So, Ein was a poop and puke machine yesterday. She had the bouts of the runs and was very puky. She puked all last night. We counted 11 times. She was also really defensive and barky. She kept snapping at the cat whenever she would come near the gates. She's also been refusing her food as of late. We think something is up with her not digging her turkey (we feed raw). We're putting her on the bland diet for now. I have a feeling it's either the ginger lemon sandwich cookie she stole from my husband or maybe an allergic reaction to her turkey. We called the vet to see what she thinks, but I just don't like seeing my pup like this. Thoughts?

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With that much vomiting I'd take my dog in to be checked out.   Maybe salmonella from the turkey?  More than one dog on this forum has gotten sick from raw food.  It can happen, though it's true dogs can tolerate exposure better than us.

Yeah, I think the vet will want to see us. We do raw due to her having some issues with struvite crystals. She's been so much prettier and healthier on raw. I'd be so sad if it was salmonella. We'll see what the vet says? We feed prepared raw and do follow pretty strict food handling rules. I guess we'll see.

I don't feed raw myself.   If she does really well on it overall and had other issues, I don't know that one bout of illness would make me change my regime.  Dogs have gotten salmonella from contaminated commercial food too.

I agree with Beth, I would be taking her in to be checked.  That much vomiting and bouts of the runs can quickly dehydrate her. 

I don't feed raw either but a good friend lost her girl to that stuff from China in the store bought food.  Today there is always a risk with whatever we feed our critters and ourselves.

As a rule of thumb: vomiting alone, or diarrhea alone can be waited out, taking appropriate measures, but when you have both diarrhea and vomiting at the same time, you should not wait to get Veterinary assistance.

hope Ein will be ok.....

It could be something simple like she ate something that didn't agree with her  or it could be something serious like pancreatitis, food borne illness from raw diet, or an obstruction. Only way to find out is take her to the vet. Do not wait it out if she is continuing to have such frequent vomiting and diarrhea. Like Anna said one or the other its fine to wait a day or two but both will dehydrate her very quickly. Best to see a vet ASAP if it goes on for more than the day.

Every time Franklin has had vomiting and diarrhea that frequently he has had an obstruction (he used to be a rock eater..) so I wouldn't wait too long to see the vet.

Yea not to freak you out but I hope you took your pup in to get checked out. 

We came home one day to find mess all over.. i mean ALL OVER the house. like paw prints and gunk everywhere. We took both pups in to get checked out because we had to play the whodoneit game. Turns out Roxi had some sort of internal infection causing organs to expands/flare up/push on one another. So antibiotics was all she needed but it was pretty scary.


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