My 6 month old Pippa doesnt seem to like to go for walks.I get the harness on and we head out the door but on the rare occasion we leave the front yard she pulls so bad it is not enjoyable. Does anyone use a yraining collar? I have not gotten on yet because I'm afraid it will hurt our dog.

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I think you should train her and not use those unfriendly tools to stop her from doing something. She might start to hate the walks even more when you start using those tools. If she pulls, you walk a few steps in the opposite direction and then walk back. Repeat that if she pulls again. You might need to do that a couple of times, but this way she will learn that pulling will get her nowhere. If you're using a collar, I'd recommend a harness so that she doesn't hurt her neck while pulling.
Thank you!!! We have a harness that we are using, I will try the walking in the opposite direction.

There are tons of videos on youtube on loose leash walking. Try looking for Kikopup or Zac George videos.  They will give you lots of ideas on how to train your dog to walk more politely.   

I really like Zak George and kikopup too on utube.  I train walking using very encouraging baby talk and random treats (tiny ones). Soon they can't wait to get their collars on and go for a walk!

If she were my pup, I'd be looking for a good "Basic" obedience training class that uses positive methods.  It's true that you can train on your own, but a class provides good structure, good socialization and having to listen to you in spite of  the close proximity of other people and dogs.  6 months is an ideal age for it.  You will also learn a lot from observing the interaction of the other dogs and handlers.  It's a bit of a time committment (once a week class plus daily practice at home) but the rewards will last as long as you have the dog.  You and your dog may also find it so enjoyable that you decide to go further in your training levels.  Many of us have :-)

You can ask to observe a class before you sign up.  If you have an obedience training Club in your area, that may be a good avenue.

Second Anna's suggestion!

With a class, you get a) the benefit of an expert (most of the time); b) socialization with other dogs; and c) a chance to meet other dog fanciers. It's win/win/win.


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