Hello! Arthur is 13 weeks old. Ever since we brought him home three weeks ago we have had the same problem: He simply WILL NOT walk when we try to walk him. He likes to sniff around, lay in the grass, and is perfectly content just sitting and staring. I like to let him sniff around and explore, so I try to be patient with him. But seriously, I do not have hours to spend watching a dog who just wants to hide in the grass. When he was smaller, it was easy to pull on the leash a bit and kind of "tug him along". I promise that I never hurt him when I did this. But now, he is getting bigger and stronger and it's difficult for me to get him to comply. He even braces himself with his front legs and firmly plants himself so that I can't budge him. I am concerned because he's already a bit on the pudgy side and I know that Corgis are prone to gain weight. I would love to take him for long walks every day, but he'll have none of it! Oh, sometimes I think he even senses when we change directions and head home, because it's then and only then that he'll actually walk and maybe even run home. I swear he is messing with me. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! :0)

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I totally agree. You want walks to be fun not stressful! Play with him, use treats, lots of praise and encouragement when he's walking alongside you where you want him. Take little breaks and play in the grass then go back to walking. You want the association of the leash/collar and walk to be FUN not a stressed out owner.

I would keep the outings to 10-20 minutes since he is so young.
Thanks Debbie! You helped put everything in perspective. I have to remind myself that he is just a baby and that these behaviors are competely normal for his age. :0)
We had the same problem with Charlie - at the same exact age. What worked - kinda slow - treats and "supportive talk" like "Charlie is such a big boy! Charlie is so strong! Charlie is a good dog!" Sounds really stupid, but I guess there was something encouraging in my voice, that kept him going. Now he is 5 months, and he just loves to run at our walks.

So, I am sure Arthur will outgrow this problem like Charlie did.
Haha I do that too. I got over the feeling stupid part and now it's just funny. Arthur LOOOOOVES to be talked to like that. He perks right up and looks so proud of himsef. I love it!
Camber wasn't into walking when we first got her. I'd be dragging her on her back with the leash across the yard! So funny, yet frustrating as I won't stand for that. Somehow, she started complying and is now walking. She like to sniff a lot, but I just pull the leash and keep walking. After several failed attempts to sniff on her part, she realizes I am walking her, not the other way around. I do let her sniff, but we have to be able walk a couple hundred yards without stopping.

You may want to leave the leash on him around the house and actually walk him in the house with a leash. Try the same in your yard. Drive him to an unknown field and walk him on the leash. Camber likes to pick up the pace when we are on the home stretch. If she pulls, I just start jogging along with her... She can only run so far.
Thanks, I am going to try to leash him around the house. This will also prevent him from covert carpet chewing every time I let him out of my sight. Haha they are SO funny!
Great advice everyone. Debbie, as usual, you are the expert. I do want to interject one thought, though. With the young pups, it's great to tether them to you. Tie their leash to your beltloop and have the puppy walk around the house with you. It accomplishes two things: One, your pup gets used to the leash. Two, your pup begins to learn that walking by your side is the right place to be. It helps cut down on leash pulling and I've had several clients who've done that with great results.

Be patient. You have a baby on your hands.
Thanks for your advice!
I had trouble walking Gibson at first too, and the thing that helped us was obedience class. The day after the first class was the first time he'd actually walk w/me and thought it was fun. Before that he would struggle to get back home. I think it was mainly me learning the proper way to use a leash and getting the right collar for him.
Obedience class sounds like a good idea. I think we may try this if he gets older and stil has the same probem. Do they aso teach them to stop chewing the carpet and furniture in obedience class hahah j/k.


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