Need some suggestions or information or life experience. My Corgi was chewing on one of those small yellow pill bottles with the child proof lid and I picked it up to find that part of it, maybe 1/3 of it was gone. I can only assume that he ate those pieces. He is 10 months old now and is a rather large Corgi but I am concerned about possible shards (sp?) getting stuck in his digestive system. He seems to be fine this morning (he chewed on the bottle last evening). My wife is monitoring him this morning and later to make sure he can go #2 okay. Anyone ever have this problem or suggestions? Please advise....Dale

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the watch and see if he's pooing is the best thing for now. I don't know how fast symptoms of a blockage will onset but their normally vomiting, painfull distended tummy and so forth. But my jordan chewed up a pop bottle and passed what he ate just fine. Even though I hate to admit checking out my pups poo but it'll tell you alot about what their eating that you don't know about LOL
Thank u folks so much.....i feel much better always helps to have those who have gone through these little mini traumas. We will definitely follow up with the Vet..
Were there any pills in it? I would call the vet and see what they say about the pieces! They'll probably pass fine but they could help you have a little more piece of mind! Good Luck!
How is Wallee doing?
Thanks for asking......he seems to be fine. My wife said that when he pooed this morning, there was def two pieces of the pill bottle in it. However, there was no blood and he didn't seem to be in any discomfort. Hopefully, that will be the end of it. Needless to say, he will never get another one of those bottles if I can help it. He's back to his rowdy self again.
Glad to hear he is doing fine. :)
My Springer Spaniel once ate 200 Advil, bottle and all. He survived, but my carpets didn't. That pink coating must taste good, but it sure stains when it comes back up!

What I thought was funny was when people would ask me how he got the bottle open :)

oh my! My Ethel also ate an entire bottle of Rimadyl, the anti-ifllammatory. It was scary, but she is fine. But the really odd thing is, in order to get at it (chewables, like cookies!) she had to pop a childproof top, which she did with only one or two toothmarks. Corgis are geniuses.


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