Hi, my Corgi is a little over a year old. He has not been letting us sleep well for some time now. We did, previously, let him sleep in the bed with us for a while, but there would come about 6am or so, and he would start licking us and "attacking" us. It was also not comfortable to sleep with three bodies in the bed. : ) Anyways, then we decided to keep him in his crate at night. It started with whimpering that we could ignore. Now he lets out barks throughout the night. I probably wake up 5 times at night due to this. We tell him "quiet" (he has demonstrated he knows what it means), and he stops, but only for a short time. Please help.

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I too have a 1 year old that seems to get antsy between 5 and 6 am. He often times needs to go out to the bathroom. We never let him sleep with us and he really prefers to sleep on the floor. He outgrew his crate and quit fussing when we put it away. Maybe try leaving the crate door open and see how he behaves. If he comes to the side of the bed and continues to cry I would think he is just spoiled and has gotten used to sleeping with you. (my 1 year old is a sheltie, our corgi is 6 and would sleep as long as you stay in bed) Hopefully your baby will outgrow this, good luck!
That's what Theo does when he's ready to get out of his crate as well. He starts whining, and then barking. Unfortunately, that just means it's time to get up. Sorry. Does your boy get enough exercise the night before? When Theo is tired, he sleeps later. When he's slept most of the evening the night before, he wakes up really early. I make sure to walk him and play plenty of fetch with him so he doesn't dose off until about 9pm, which usually means I'm good to sleep until 6:30 or 7 the next morning.
Max sleeps fine until he has to go out sometimes as early as 3:30. We try to keep him from water after about 5:00-6:00pm. That helps some.
I'd concur w/ the exercise notion. You need to burn off his energy so he sleeps through the night. Try that. I take George out around 9:30-10 and play fetch w/ him for a solid hour, usually returning home around 11ish. He usually doesn't sleep until midnight and he is exhausted anyway. When he was a pup, I never really crated, but I had a baby gate and kept him in the hall/bathroom, where he could have quiet and darkness. I had to ignore the whimpers and barking - but he soon learned the meaning of sleepy-time. Now he doesn't need the gate anymore, but he stays quiet/asleep until I wake up around 7:30-8 am.

You should also probably look into not letting him on the bed anymore, at least for a while, to ween him off the expectation that the bed is his. I only let George sleep on the bed when I'm drunk =)
I to use a baby gate in the bedroom. That allows our male to have run of our bedroom, large walk in closet, and the master bathroom. He can not use his "inside" voice if he has run of the house and can see outside of the windows at night. My girlie sleeps like a baby on the sofa.
Caleb occasionally sleeps on the bed with me, and when he doesn't sleep on the bed, he sleeps in his own doggy bed next to my bed. Before this, he went into his crate at night. He tolerated it, and didn't act up, but I could tell he hated it, so we worked on earning the right to sleep outside of the crate without any problems. The only trouble we had was around 5 am, when he would try to jump on the bed (if he wasn't already on it) to wake me up. Because of his particular disdain for the crate, it only took 2 reminders (by being put into his crate until I was ready to get up) to reinforce that it is quiet time until I get up. He hasn't had a problem since! Such a smart little guy!

I think the key is to only let him out of his crate when he is quiet, and to ignore the commotion when you want him to stay in there. Caleb is two, so maybe as your little one grows up a bit he'll learn to tolerate crating? Oh and I agree with the exercise suggestion; Caleb now walks 3 times a day with me (approximately an hour and a half a day total), the last time right before dinner. This seems to settle him down for the evening.
Thanks for everyone's thoughts so far. Appreciate it.
Ours get a longish walk after dinner, then they always get a brief "last time out" just before bedtime. This may help make sure it's not a full-bladder issue.

I hope you can resolve this issue, because for us it is extra cozy with 3 bodies on the bed, and it's 4 when Gwynnie jumps up about 5 AM (sometimes 5 when the cat favors us with his regal presence). The dog(s) seem to get hot sleeping in my arms and usually migrate to the foot of the bed.

But this is an issue that must be resolved; I cannot tolerate pets disturbing my sleep (the cat has been voicing his displeasure about being returned to a healthier weight). Good luck.
I am firm believer of wearing your dog out before leaving them for the day or going to bed. Actually, the same should be said about us at night. If you go for a good walk or exercise and then get ready for bed, you'll get a better night's sleep.
You are right. Yesterday was a full day of outdoor bliss for our two as I was unable to get home for lunch, did not come in until i got home from work! My husband and I went Christmas shopping and they were obsessed with going back out, so to the backyard they went until close to 10:00 p.m. last night. Let me tell you there were eight legs pointed staight up in the air and i really do not think that they moved all night. HEHEHEHHEHHHE good ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's
I think the best advice is to just ignore him when he whines & barks..let him know that you get up on your terms. Gibson started to wake me up every day at 7am, even if my alarm did not go off..so I started putting him in his crate when he did this and it was not time to get up. It made him stop.


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