We have added another Corgi into our home. But what is the best way to ensure no jealousy?

The first one is Porky, or my Pork Chop. I'm hoping to ensure a smooth transition for her and the new pup. Porky is just the sweetest dog I have ever come in contact with and she's even sweeter with Dad. She is clearly curious about what is going on with this new addition to the house. How can I help everything go well between the possibility of jealousy and watching out for poppy time?

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It helps if you have a good idea of your first dog's tolerance level. Make sure the puppy doesn't pester the older dog too much and be sure to pay attention to your first dog as well as the new one. I always feed the older dog first and the pup in a play yard until they get used to each other so there are no food issues.

She is very patient, I plan on taking her on longer walks to spend some one on one. So far she's been very observant of the pup. He's shown interest in her food bowl already but she made it clear to him it is off limits which I've heard is normal. Other than that so far so good. :) How long would you say the adjustment period can be?

The adjustment period will depend on your dogs. I had one corgi that loved the puppy from day one. It was as if we had brought him home the best present ever! My current combination is that my older corgi was not very dog friendly so I was very careful with our new puppy that he did not bother her too much. Fortunately his breeder had older dogs and he was used to the idea of backing off if the "playmate" wasn't thrilled. It has worked out very well but even now after having him over two months sometimes I make him give her a break if she obviously doesn't want to play.

Don't cause Porky to defend her food, instead keep the pup on a long leash and teach him never to approach her dish until she has left the area.  As Bev says,  if you set limits on the puppy and show affection to both, the adjustment should not take long.  Remove any toy that becomes an issue,  particularly food type toys like rawhides or bones.....  Personally, I don't use these anyway, but I know others do.  Most of my dogs have liked the addition of another dog, one or two got their nose out of joint for a couple of weeks, but they all became good buddies in he end. You cannot however expect the older dog to be a "babysitter", that's YOUR job :-DD   Enjoy!


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