Madison is catching on to everything really fast. She's gonna be ready for Novice Rally competition in no time. I bet we'll rock it!

Here's us at class and doing our first course ever. We weren't amazing but we did good for our first time and since we've been home she's already improved a lot! :D :D :D

Corgis are so much fun!

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Looking good! I hope you keep us updated on how you two are doing :) something like this is perfect for a corgi brain!

Thanks! She seems to enjoy it.

Looks like you are having a lot of fun together! Keep at it!


Awwwww! She looks proud too:) What a great accomplishment in such a little time!

Is it possible she might have done that in her previous life? If it's familiar territory to her she is probably enjoying thinking "I got this Mom" and will help build her confidence and bond with you.

I don't think she was ever taught formal heeling. She just seemed to know to not pull on the leash and to have a preference for being on my left side.

When I started heeling training, she didn't seem to have any idea what I wanted. At first all she knew was that she was getting a C/T for following me. Then she realized that she only gets C/T for being on the left side. Now she seems to have a decent grasp on the idea that I will only C/T when she is beside me or slightly forged* When she is good at this, I'll up my criteria so that I only C/T when she is also right beside me (she likes to be about 2-3 feet wide).

*Since her natural inclination is to lag BIG TIME (we're talking as far back as she can be lol), I don't C/T until she's walking a little bit ahead of me, in order to work against that tendency.


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