Saw this on another site and just had to pass it along!


What do you think the caption for this photo should be?







Sylvia and Timmy

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Love it!!!
Solution to the Government Shut Down, Corgi Style

"more proof of big, lazy, sluggish government!"

Sutter: Someone will give me a belly rub..... any minute now :)

Good one Sam, I was thinking,


Password?  Belly Rub!

"Nap time Mr. Governor"
How did I end up here?  Just shot me now!
I'm sure John can come up with a GREAT one for this....
Trying out for the role as CPR dummy....
Caption could be "Mondays . . ."   or (in the same type of exasperated breath) "Republicans . . ."

I'm just resting my eyes and thinkin'

The day after Thankgiving... why did I eat so much turkey?


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