Brick doesn't roll over for a belly rub (yet), but when I'm sitting on the floor with my legs stretched out, he walks over to my foot and stands directly over my foot so that my foot is touching his belly. He then proceeds to stare me down, and if I don't scratch his belly with my foot he will then step side to side to scratch his belly with my foot himself! Such a weirdo. Anyone else experience something similar?

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haha! We totally get that - little Maisie makes these grumbly noises in her throat and then does her "buff buff" barks that sound like, "Excuse me. Pardon me. Time to get up please."

Okay so Solomon will stand over any foot that is available, if you dont rub his belly then he will lay down and use his feet or nose to forcefully nudge you.  I like to sit with one foot tucked under and leave the other one dangling.  He sits under that dangling foot to get a head rub.  So yea this is just one of the many Corgi Habits!!!!!

Archie insists that hub plays footsie with him and will begin the game by lying on his side beside hubs feet, and then front paws will then wiggle until hubs foot moves, then its all out game time.  If paw wiggling does not work, then we lick socks, and if that still fails, then we get the wet nose up the trouser leg, and an arooo or two just to be sure!

He has hub well trained!


freyja has trained our two corgi kids in the art of manipulation. When we pull in the driveway, all three kids jump the fence, run around to the front yard, and wait in front of the door. they then all walk into the house, and sit in the kitchen. if we don't feed them within 30 seconds, the whining begins. it slowly gets louder and louder until there is a full symphony of hysterics happening. this involves jumping, whinning, howling, picking up the food bowl and slamming it against my leg over and over, pawing at the dog food bag, climbing INTO the dog food bag.....its bad.

Um...yeah! :)

Every time I try to work on my computer, my girl Maisie bumps my left hand with her nose until I stop.

Chloe paws when she wants your attention. When i'm laying in bed with her she paws my hand to scratch her bell or play with her.

Every morning, we play fetch inside the house in a long hall way that spans 3 rooms.  If I'm not ready when the 3 corgis are, the dog in charge ( we call him "the policeman) will sit in front of the bowl of balls and look from me to the bowls over and over again. He stares at me, then tilts his head and nods at the bowl, then back to me, then nods at the bowl again. He sort of pints his nose and jerks his head in the direction of the bowls as if to say, "There they are, let's get going...". it's really cute.


some folks say that the nudging with the nose or head buttings, etc. are efforts to dominate.



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