I type in google where to get bones at here in Las Vegas to see if there is a nice butcher at a grocery store and a thing from the FDA comes up about bones being bad for dogs.  Now growing up I was always told that bird bones were bad because they were hollow.  I've never heard that a cow rib is bad for them.  They seem to only mention cooked bones.  So does this mean that raw bones are just fine?  The new pup is enjoying a big bone that Otto never liked and I figure I'd get him an even bigger one to chew on.  Thoughts on this??

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I personally don't give mine bones but I know alot of people do.  I also heard that you should never give cooked bones because they are brittle.  From experience, I can say, I gave my shepherd a huge knucklebone from the butcher one year at Christmas to keep him quiet while family was over and when I looked a bit later, the whole entire bone was gone and there were little pieces of bone all over and I was so worried he would be sick.  Some of the pieces were very sharp!  I don't give rawhides either.  My vet doesn't recommend it.  I tried the bully bones that are supposed to last a long time and my shepherd had those gone in 5 minutes, lol so..... I have yet to find something to keep him entertained for any length of time.  That's just my opinion.  :)

Give him deer antlers.  They don't smell, they don't splinter, and they're good for dogs.

Raw bones are supposed to be okay, cooked bones are not. Dogs can break teeth on them so that is another thing to consider, but really there is going to be a risk with just about any type of chew.

Raw bones are "safe" to eat.  I say "safe" because no chew is without risk.  Avoid weight-bearing bones of large animals like cow leg bones or knuckle bones.  Even ribs might be a bit too tough.  These bones are all very hard and pose a significant tooth-breaking risk.  Neck bones and tail bones are Waffle's favorite.  Turkey necks and raw chicken bones are tasty snacks.  He gets femur/marrow bones but he will only lick the marrow out and then leave it alone.

Bird bones are ok?  Where do you get yours at?

I get all his bones at our local meat processing plant/butcher.   Raw bird bones are okay, but I would stay away from supermarket chicken/turkey because it's crawling with extra bacteria.  Buy from a butcher who can source his meat or slaughter on-site, or local farmers, as much as possible to reduce the bacteria risk.  

I have a butcher right down the street that I can ask.  Good stuff thank you and Waffle!!!

What Waffle said....we had a long discussion on this not too long ago and dont remember what we finally decided some said it was good and some said not to feed them bones. Do you rememeber Waffle?

I do!  In the end, it all boils down to personal preference and the amount of risk you're willing to take.  :]

Weight bearing bones, raw or cooked can and will break teeth. I was told by a veterinarian and tech you can give raw knuckle bones and they are soft enough to be safe, Franklin thought otherwise and broke a molar to the cost of $1000. If you choose to give bones, do so with caution and know a broken tooth may happen. This is also true for nylabones, hooves, etc.

Thanks both of you are right and I remember the discussion going on for pages and page when all we had to say is what you just said. Good to hear from both of you. I used to bring steak bones from Longhorns to the babies but not any longer.


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