I know all Corgis have a myriad of verbal, aduitory  and visual cues that trigger all kinds of amusing reactions. One of  best triggers  Gunny has is when I sit at the kitchen table paying bills . He sits by my feet watching intently.He listens carefully for when I tear a check from the check book. He will then run to the back door in anticipation of me  exiting to go to my car for a trip to the bank or to the postoffice. He seems to know that he will be taking a trip in the car to a place where he often gets a snack bone( to two or three) ! They even give me bones to bring home to him when I go to the bank without him.

When he hears aluminum foil or plastic wrap being torn he runs to his food dish. Why you ask?Because I have, in the past, picked up his food dish if he has left the food uneaten for very long ( wet food gets yucky if left out) and I covered it with one of those wraps before putting it in the frig. If I tear the wrap material and his food dish happens to be empty he will whine and run around the kitchen. Bonkers!

What are some of your Corgi's amusing triggers?

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"Walk." I'm convinced she understand what it means because she's taken to running to the hook here I keep her leash, taking it down and bring it to me every time I say the word. I've started spelling it in regular speech because if I say they word, she must be walked.
Oh yes! All we have to do is put on our socks and Cody is ready to go!!
I have a bird and he makes a lot of noise when we get home. so tyler my dog will run to the door every time the bird makes noise even if it is a recording of the bird making noise. He will also go crazy when he hears the rattling of keys. my clicker for training him is on my keys so he thinks it is time to train and get treats.
When Ein is just sniffing around the lawn after going and is refusing to come in I ask him "are you just jerking my chain?" That seems to be his cue to look at me, smile, and come back in. Also standing to still can somehow mean playtime.
Our cat is so perfectly trained on feeding times, that on weekends he comes in at 5 am and starts letting us (ME) know somebody (ME) had better get up and put some food in his bowl right now. I used to be able to fend him off until I was ready to get up, but now that we have the dogs it's impossible. The cat has trained them. Now when they see him heading toward our bedroom in the morning they start whining before he does!
The phone ringing starts Kirby barking when no one picks up and send him into a howl if the answering machine cuts in.

The sound of our vehicles coming down the street will prompt him to run to the front door, stand on his hind legs and look out the window.

The ice maker on the fridge is a favorite. When that kicks in he comes running to see if you dropped a piece for him to play with.

You know that little click that your radio alarm clock makes just before the music starts playing? Kirby can be on the bed at almost the exact time the music starts.. just in case we had thought of over-sleeping or hitting the snooze button.
Keys. When Beau hears keys jingle, he runs to his crate because he thinks I'm leaving and when I leave he gets the command "go to bed', where he gets treats. He doesn't bark though, which is strange because when I bought him the breeder said he was the vocal pup of the bunch.
The word Good Bye, Bye, when guests are leaving or the kids are leaving for school!!!!
There is one ring on my blackberry that makes my female start singing/howling. I used to have it as my morning alarm, but I didn't like the 'sing a long' aspect.
When I first Got Ace as a Reminder to feed him i set my phone alarm to remind me... Everytime Ace heard my phone alarm he would take off to the kitchen and would wait by his food dish. After a few months the routine was set and i only set my phone alarm to remind me to get ready for work.. after a while of him running to his food dish and not getting anything (after he just scarfed down food) it stopped that little trick.. not to mention that phone broke so that alarm doesnt go off anymore XD But he DOES know the sound of our front door door knob and will come running half way across the house to go outside XD
The sound of kisses! Whenever Mia hears someone giving kisses she rushes to join in and tries to get right in the middle (if possible) lol
That's Lilly too! when she sees / hears us kissing she runs up to Brodie and starts to "kiss" him, which he doesn't care for, so he starts growling, it's pretty hillarious


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