Since I am only a few weeks into being an owner I am taking a survey about which brands of food are preferred. My vet recommends purina one puppy food and that is what I started feeding. Now I am reading that this is "junky" full of undesirable ingredients as are many seemingly good foods. I have been reading about Blue Buffalo and Innova. Any thoughts?

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I feed my corgis nature's variety raw and dried. Other brands such as Fromm, Innova, Canidae are great too!

We feed Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul. Fantastic price for the quality you get, and it's the same folks that make TOTW. 

We originally fed Taste of the Wild but Donny got really horrible bloating and gas... ahhh! We put up with the smells for a while because we thought it to be the best brand, but Donny just stopped eating it on his own. Perhaps he noticed what it was doing to him, haha. 



We use Wellness Super5Mix. It gets very good reviews. One of our babies has a sensitive tummy, so we feed the whitefish & sweet potato formula, and they love it!!!
We were feeding Winston Nutro Nature's Choice Small Bites for Puppies. However, we kept increasing the amount of food and he wouldn't gain any weight! I was apprehensive of feeding him more than 2 and a half cups a day, so I started looking for a new food. We ended up switching to Solid Gold's Hundchen Flocken, which is for puppies. He seems to be filling out properly and more active with it. I can also feed him less food and it's completely organic. And he seems to poop less. :D
I feed blue buffalo and poopdeck loves it!  When I picked up mt little guy the breeder told me to olny keep him on puppy chow for one more bag, then change him over to adult food.  Also only 3/4 cup of food twice a day and that's it!
I started Luna off with Iams puppy, but I wasnt satisfied because she tended to wolf it down and always seemed hungry. I have switched her over to Merrick and really am happy with the results of her eating habits now, her waste quality, and her coat.

i love the merrick, carly does too! shes working on the second bag ,

(small one) were trying the wilderness blend this time.. ive had a very hard time finding something shell eat. Im thrilled that she eats it and her coat is also much shinier and softer.



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