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Great topic! While I think we have the perfect food for her, it is called Natural Ultramix dog food.  She loves it, particularly the lamb flavor!  I don't think we need to worry about the weight issue quite yet cause Gracie is incredibly active... She is always running.  My question is how much do y'all feed your pups?  I try to follow the guide on the bags according to her weight and age, but my gosh she really seems to INHALE every thing I give her like she is starving!  Should I be feeding her more, the bag says only one cup per day for her.  I give her two one in the morning and one at night.... Am I starving my dog? 

How old is she and what is her weight?Is this dry or wet food? I have owned 3 corgis all male and all different sizes. From my experience, you should never feed a corgi the recommended daily on any food but slightly less. My corgis are what I consider to be moderately active once adult. And yes! Corgis have insatiable appetites! All three of mine never seemed to be full, but over feeding is not the answer. Keeping them entertained and active is and it sounds like you are doing a great job!

Ellen both are about 32 lbs.  they are big boned but not overweight.  I actually started them on considerably less than recommended and supplemented with green beans and sometimes pumpkin and slowly added more meat until i found the right amount.  they now eat a 6oz serving twice daily and if they start to gain I know im not excercising enough.  

All puppies are different. The maximum my puppy ate while growing was 2 c. a day and he chubbed out on that amount. He's been on 1 c. a day since around 12 months. Good rule of thumb is to not follow guidelines on the bag. Just be sure you know how to evaluate whether your dog is maintaining a healthy weight or not (visible waistline & should be able to feel her ribs) & you should be fine.

My Tipper weighs between 25 and 27 pounds and that's the weight I want to keep her at.  She loves to eat and is always trying to steal the cat's food! I had to buy her one of those special dishes with a bump in the middle to slow her down when she eats. 

I feed her a little less than the guidelines on the bags and cans. I think she would be fat if I followed those guidelines. The vet said she is at a perfect weight.  She said she has a defined waistline and that's good. I think the food companies tell you to feed more than is really required. It's the same with over the counter flea treatments like Frontline lasts three months but the label says to use it every month so that's what the vet has to tell you to do. 

I think that a lot depends on the level of activity and so on. Does she get any snacks or home-cooked treats during the day? You have to count those as well. How does she look to you? Does she look too thin?  I think that Corgis like to eat A LOT! Regardless of how much you feed them they will always be hungry! 

I fed my Corgi California Natural Lamb and Rice dog food (small bites)  He ate that for the last 8 years of his life and it was only after he died that I began doing more research into it and realized it was very, very high in carbohydrates.  At this website: it says it's over 50% carbs which is ridiculous.  The reason we began feeding California Natural was because we had two Westie's and we wanted to be sure they didn't develop skin problems, which many do.  The lamb and rice dog food had very few ingredients and we thought that would help avoid skin issues.  It did, none of our dogs have ever had an skin issues.  However, Winston developed diabetes before he died and I feel that the California Natural contributed to the onset.  I think it's a good quality food, but it certainly does not need to include so many carbohydrates.  California natural now offers a grain free version : but it's still 57% carbohydrates.  I'm looking into Evo dry foods for our Westie and our beagle foxhound mix. 


I'd say the most important thing when feeding a Corgi is not to overfeed.  High quality dog foods are usually quite high in calories and it's very easy to over feed. 


By the way, I highly recommend  They sell every brand of high quality dog food you could imagine, and will ship it to you for free if you set up a recurring order.  You can change the date of an upcoming, prescheduled shipment anytime you want.  They send you an email before the ship date so you won't forget if you want to change the date.  I don't like companies that force you to have a product shipped to you at a predetermined day each month, but Pet Flow will let you set up a schedule such as shipping one bag or two bags of dog food every month, every other month, or less often, and like I said, you can login to your account anytime and change the delivery date.  It's really convenient and saves a lot of time driving around to buy dog food.

i feed chloe innova puppy small breed mixed with innova adult small bite mixed with chicken and sometimes cottage cheese.

she doesn't like Taste of the wild, canidae, or advance. I think it must be the smell of the kibble are too strong for her. I dont know why Chloe doesn't like strong scent food/ meat. She doesnt like red meat or fish. 

I heard that innova has been taken over by P&G, that's why i want to replace innova to better brand. Could i please have some suggestions from you guys ? :) 

I'm in australia and it's so hard to get some 5 stars dry dog food :( 

Hello Caren and Chloe Down Under!

Our male almost 2 year old pembroke, D'Arby, did not care for the brands you list here either, not sure why?

Since the Nutro debacle which I posted prior, he has been on dry kibble California Natural Chicken Meal & Rice Formula with outstanding skin, coat and digestive results!

D'Arby thinks Chloe is pretty.


-Elle & D'Arby-

Blue Buffalo Basic (Turkey & Potato) + pumpkin + green peas; occasionally some chicken breast. Lulu loves her foods so much! She would finish everything in 2 mins!

We feed Desi Avoderm.

@ Luis - I love that you have a Desi. We have a Lucy and Ricky. It was almost Desi, but he didn't respond to Desi or Rafa (for Rafa Nadal). Your Desi looks adorable!

PS We feed our two Chicken Soup for A Dog Lover's Soul.

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