Ever since i met my first corgi, i have saw them as awww aspiring dogs. Me and my life has changed since owning my corgi's, it may just be over a year, but what a year it as been. We do alot for our dogs, but what have they done for us.


Mine have:

  1. Made me more out going
  2. Able to talk to people with out that slight annoying stumbling of words.
  3. I have lived in many homes but no home ever felt like home, until the day i brought my first corgi. even after moving my new place still feels like home, and i am enjoying the feeling.
  4. I never feel alone, even when i am not even around them, just knowing they will be there when i get home.
  5. I am more patient
  6. I have been inspired to start drawing again.
  7. Most importantly i feel happier every day.

What have your corgi's done for you? How have they changed you and your lives?

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Kaylee has taught me to complete my daily chores and not leave them til tomorrow.

She has allowed me to get to know my neighbors and introduced us to many other people in the development.

Morning walks are no longer something I wish I would do, but a necessity for our high-to-middle energy girl. 

They are so amusing! When Frodo decides something needs a good barking he goes, “Rah, rah, rah reee!” ending on a falsetto note. Vacuum cleaners deserve such barking. Even a tube that might be part of a vacuum gets the full song.

If he isn’t sure, he kind of puffs out a little, “wuh” sound.

We were out in the yard when a man walked by carrying a big, shiny trombone.

Poor Frodo couldn’t decide if that might be some kind of vacuum cleaner, so he danced around going, “Wuh, wuh!” followed by a few real barks without the falsetto and then back to the “wuh!”

Silly boy.

I find my sweet little Kallie only after having her for two months has changed me greatly.  I've become more out going and social and have met many of my neighbors I never talked to.  I find she is great for my mood, she makes me laugh and smile as her little butt wiggles ahead when we go for walks.  I love her so much she's my little bundle of joy and I'm looking forward to the years ahead.  She has also helped me keep a more regular schedule and I find my self happy to get out of bed in the morning to see the little goof ball.


She has become a permanent part of my life and I would never give her up.

I just got my 6 month old boy, Monja, a few days ago, but this post and all the responses are so beautiful and inspiring! I already love him immensely, but I am so looking forward to all of the other great things he'll bring. 

So far:

- We live in Tokyo, Japan, and Japanese culture can seem very disconnected...strangers/neighbors don't often talk to each other and things are very formal. But the second Monja and I started walking around together, people of all ages, genders, etc would stop and say how cute he is, squat down to play with him, or just walk past us with a smile. It is truly AMAZING to me to see that Monja, with his big smile and floppy tongue can make people forget about culture and boundaries and bring a smile to everyone he passes. 

- I am actually enjoying becoming a morning person and I like having an excuse for why I have to wake up earlier.

- Going for walks is really nice. I just moved to a new neighborhood and because of Monja, have gotten to explore a lot. 

- I never realized how protective I could be. I always thought I'd be the "cool" mom (I don't have kids and he is my first dog), but even when my boyfriend holds his leash on our walks, I get tense and think so many random things - "is he pulling the leash too tightly?" "Is his collar going to fall off?" etc. I worry so much about him and care so deeply for him already.

It's our third day together and today has been the most difficult in terms of training/behavior. I am pretty worn out and tired today, but seeing Monja asleep next to me on my bed and reading all of these posts is such motivation to keep putting in 100% for a little creature who would always do the same for me. 

I am protective too. I use a halter to walk my corgis because I don't like pulling on their necks...plus one slipped her collar and I was left holding a leash with an empty collar on the end!

These doggies are truly "love on 4 stubby legs".


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