What is the oldest age a corgi puppied ears should go up?

I know it all depends on the dog, and they all go up at different ages, but at what age would one begin to wonder if the ears may not go up.   Just curious.   If you want to tell me what age your puppies went up.  My Sophies was up at 6 weeks when we went to go look at her for the first time, I thought it was so amusing such little dogs and their ears where already up. 

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It's not carved in stone, but I think they usually say if they are not going up by around 12 weeks or so to start taping....   

I think Foxy was 11 or 12 weeks and only one came up and then finally the other one went up.

I agree with Beth, if they aren't up by 12 weeks I would definitely tape. Sometimes they can come up later on their own, but I personally wouldn't risk it. The longer they are down, the harder it is to get them up.

My pem's were up already at 10 weeks when we got him. I taped my cardi's at like 9 weeks after hearing horror stories of people taping their dog's ears for a year....

Fergus is  4 months old now and both his ears were up at about 12 weeks -- then one fell -- popped back up first of june at almost 4 months old.  I didn't worry too much and wouldn't tape them no matter what.  My vet said sometimes it has to do with teething and stuff so I let him ride and hes cute as a button now... not that he wasn't before hehehehe


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