What job would your dog's choose if they could??

I find it interesting how different my dog's interests are. Sparty would have loved being a hearing assistance dog. He loves to bark and always runs back and forth from the door/phone etc to let us know it is ringing or someone is here. Izzy would be the beauty queen at the dog show. She always wants to be the center of attention and loves to be petted or talked to. Misty would have loved to be a search and rescue dog. She loves walking in the woods with her nose to the ground and is the first to see deer, squirrels etc. What would your dog be?

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starting at the State Department?
I like the human jobs you chose Jane.
me too!! perfect for them all!!
Dakota would be an assistance dog. He is always reminding me to get up when I hit the snooze button and he likes to take care of me when I am not feeling well. If that job didn't work out he would be an exterminator. He catches ( sometimes in mid-air) every bug or lizzard that comes in the house and he is eco friendly :0)
Ginny would be an elementary school teacher... she loves kids so much I think she'd be happy spending her days with them. Diggory, well, he'd have to do something that doesn't require much brain power, but lots of cuteness and sweetness.
Duncan would be a food critic, who wouldn't criticize any food.
Rogan would be Sparty's "partner", they could be the hearing duo.......
Ginger would be a pillow or a rug............just laying around
Bootsie would be a clown for sure.
Madoc would be (is) the pre-wash cycle dishwasher. He makes sure I never have to face the tedium of rinsing a plate before it goes in the machine. Even when he has a grievance (if he doesn't get plates that have certain foods bad for a dog) he doesn't go on strike. He is at his post for work even before called upon. He's available 24/7. I wish I had his work ethic to apply to my job!
Bear would be a butler, he loves to announce guests and dinner.

Goldy would be a security guard. She loves to trot around, checking windows, doors, the yard and the empty bedrooms. She likes to know what's going on, constantly. She knows all of the neighbors' cars and tells them a quick hello when they pull in their driveways.
Samantha would be a cookie taster! Second choice would be a tennis ball tester. Bomber well he is still a little young to be thinking of a career so right now maybe a mattress tester, nap time is important ya know.


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