My husband and I are getting ready for our first corgi, and we're getting supplies for him.  We're stuck on what type of bowls to get for our Bento.  Should we go with plastic? Stainless steel? Ceramic? Bamboo? Two attached bowl combo set?  Extra sets? A particular brand?


Walking down the aisle with the bowls is a bit overwhelming.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Jane, it all depends on what type of glaze is used in the firing process, if the ceramic had any glaze defects...etc. The FDA have warned young children / pregnant mothers not to use ceramics. Sorry I'm currently on the road, you can find more info here.



All the ceramic ones are made in china and with the scares on lead paint and the like, I really don't trust it.


And plastic bowls used to make my old cat's chin break out (common with cats).  That, combined with the fact that damaged plastic tends to leach out into liquids, makes me stick with the stainless.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but the only warning I could find on the FDA site was regarding pottery and lead, and mostly concerning items made in Mexico.  I couldn't find anything about it harboring bacteria.

We used Louis XIV bone china porcelain soup tureens from Tiffany's because Gwynnie insists she's one of Queen Elizabeth's dogs, kidnapped from Buckingham Palace as a puppy, but it's expensive, and keeps getting chipped -- the footman complained of having to keep gluing the broken handles -- so we've gone stainless steel.

Stainless skitters across the floor without nonskid rubber pads glued to the bottom, and the glue holds imperfectly.  A good solution is a nonskid rubber floor mat -- a mouse pad might do.

A useful security device is a HUGE heavily dog-gnawed bowl with some macho name like "Spike" on it; leave that outside the back door with a heavy dog chain.

Nothing but the best for Rosie and Rocky. They have Fiestaware bowls. Rosie's is Scarlet and Rocky's is Sunflower (we are Iowa State grads and those are ISU's school colors). We have 2 Fiesta bowls for water in the Fiesta Dog pattern. Some friends gave me one when I retired and they knew I was getting Rosie as a pup right after retirement. They are the large 1 qt serving bowl size and work great. They don't tip, if it's good enough for me to eat out of, it's good for them. I change the water daily and scrub out the bowls before refilling to get the dog slobbers out. All dog bowls get put in the dishwasher very regularly. When we travel, we do resort to plastic cereal type bowls since they don't break and are lighter weight than Fiesta.
When I saw those doggy Fiesta bowls I got so excited....but then I thought a bit. It would look like the dogs were eating out of the same dishes as we humans. Not really what I want any dinner guests to see :)
I would have never thought about it that way. I guess if my guests don't think I have enough sense to at least wash the dishes after the dogs use them, then I don't want them as guests anyway!! I keep the dogs' bowls on the utility room counter between feedings so I would hope my guests can figure out they don't eat out of dog bowls!

Paisley has fiestaware too! They are much cheaper than a fancy ceramic dog bowl but are still very safe, since they are safe enough for me! They are also dishwasher safe and look great! I find the shallower cereal bowl makes a good food bowl while the deeper one makes a nice water bowl. I don't think any of my guests would mind the fact that our dog has human dishes... if they did, I think they would be more put off by the corgi and two cats trying to sit on their lap more.

An indispensable accessory to the hand-engraved stainless-steel dog bowls is a notebook to keep the training program and calendar in.
I used to have ceramic bowl for Coby, but I changed to JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl.
Since he's eating his food soooo quickly, i gotta make him slow down.

I used to use a large tupperware bowl for the dogs until Emme realized that she could pick it up and play with it wether it was empty of full.  I know have a large cast iron dutch oven cooking pot for the kids!  It was the only thing I had heavy enough to keep the little brat from spilling water all over my kitchen! 


I once tried the type that you attach a 2 litre bottle to and had to give up on that one too.  Our one cat likes to watch the water move so we would find it halfway across the kitchen in the morning with water all over the place. 

We have a combo set of 2 stainless steel bowls for Winston. My family's long-time vet told us plastic can actually lead to a "breakout" of sorts on dogs' chins, and I think ceramic is too easily cracked. I would suggest some kind of weighted set or, as we have, the double holder. I know Winston will knock over a bowl if it's just sitting on it's own!


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