We are gonna take him to the vet for this, but I just wanted to ask if it was anything to worry about.
He seems to have a fever, he's been throwing up yellowy foam today (three times ) but it doesn't have food in it. He's been sneezing and shaking or itching his ears (I don't know if they hurt of itch) and he has soft stool. I was wondering if there was sickness that rlly matched this. The neighbors dog had kennel cough, and they touched noses b4 anyone knew that it was sick. And we did give him a doggie treat last night. Just thought you should know.
Thanks for the help.

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Is your dog eating and drinking normally? Did this start today?
Yeah he is drinking normally. He wasn't to interested in food yesterday, but he ate a little this morning. Thanks for you comments and concern ^_^
Vomiting is basically the expulsion of the stomach's contents. The food will appear digested, or if on an empty stomach, a yellow liquid called bile will be present.
I don't know, but PLEASE let us know what the vet says! I hope all is well.
So far this morning he seems better. He stopped throwing up, and he's eating a little. He drinking normally. Thanks for your concern. ^_^
Hope all works out for him. Keep us posted.
He's alot better today. ^_^ Thank you for ur concern ^_^
Did the vet say what it was from?
Sometimes they eat something bad and can be like that for a few days. Elphie started out like that once and ended up in the ICU at the vet with severe pancreatitis. Not to scare you! If she's getting better, though I would offer him some rice for a few days...good luck!


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