OK...we were at the dog park and a lady approached me and asked where I got my Corgi.  I told her that after a year of looking for a local rescue, I found a reputable breeder.  She BLASTED me for paying money for my dog and said that shelter dogs were the only responsible way to go.  Sorry, folks, I disagree.  I'm ALL for shelter dogs and adoption, so don't accuse me of ignoring the need (I donate to our local shelter and my 15-yr. old husky/mix was a rescue).  However, if we don't have responsible breeders, all pure breeds would disappear in 20 years!  Also, why...tell me please...should responsible breeders and pet owners be punished because of all the irresponsible people out there that allow their dogs to reproduce, or get a dog and don't care for it, or dump it off because they're tired of it?  Honestly....seems that responsible people are losing their "rights" to the irresponsible....even in owning a dog!  Geeeezzzzz.....the breeder we got our Corgi from had people on waiting lists...they all had homes before they were born! 

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AND we will always need facilities to rehome pets because while there are irresponsible owners, there will ALWAYS be people who legitimately need to rehome.  One of my friends had a very nice cat, and then she had her third child and the child was severely allergic to everything, environmental and food allergies like you would not believe (eggs, milk, wheat, a few kinds of protein).  One of his allergies was cats.  After two trips to the ER with a baby turning blue, the cat just had to go.  What's a mom to do?  Thankfully she was able to find a home herself, but not everyone is able to do that. 


Plus, there will most likely always be some pets who are just too dangerous to be adoptable.  Dogs that have killed other dogs should probably not be out in public; one broken leash can be a catastrophe.   We will never do away with shelters completely.

You should ask her if she adopted her kids instead of having her own since there are millions of kids out there who need a home. Sorry you had to deal with that. Some people just don't think.

I will say that I too have experienced this.  The breeder that I got Solomon from actually done something that would help the ladies at the local rescue shelter see things in a different lite.  He sponsered their booth at the local fair this past year and brought some of his Corgis and brought a crowd of people with their pure bred dogs and some shelter dogs to let them know that all we have in common was the love of dogs.  I love all dogs but I happen to have an addiction to Corgi's!  All I can say is the next time you run into someone that has that attitude let them know how you feel about what a wonderful job their are doing and you are doing your part by giving a Corgi a loving home. 

Hi Kathleen- I am so sorry you had to defend your decision to pay for your sweet Cody, as if paying for a dog somehow makes you (and your breeder) irresponsible? Quite the contrary! You might have told her your purchase price allowed your breeder to acquire top corgis from well-researched, healthy bloodlines, and allowed her to test and eliminate potential corgi parents who might pass on things like DM and hip dysplasia, so she would not produce pups destined for a life of pain; that some of your money went to register your pup's litter so AKC would have funds for things like kennel inspections that help identify and weed out dirty puppy mills; and that your pup's price also helped pay for veterinary exams, and entry fees to conformation shows so his parents could be judged to be excellent examples of the breed standard... all before finally earning the right to reproduce. Not to mention... your breeder also screened YOU very carefully, and determined you would provide a wonderful, caring home to that pup she put so much love into. I know many other corgi breeders and I think most of them are responsible, avoid over-breeding, and have their hearts in the right place. I think that's one reason so few corgis wind up in shelters. Sounds pretty responsible to me, and ditto to all the other posters who replied. Kathleen, hold your head high, because your purchase price helps strengthen our beloved breed! So, avoid the hater (she's just jealous cause your Cody is so adorable... and I should know, since I bred him, LOL) and give that Cody a big hug from me, his mom & dad! You're a GREAT corgi mom!

Well said, Diana!

DIANA!!!  Ha~thanks for all the ammunition!  Next time I come across someone like that I'll have everything to say at the tip of my tongue!  Cody is such a good boy...I could just cry (I love him soooo much!) to think if he were taken away from me.  I've thought of so many things to tell that lady should I see her again, and you said it all.  You love your dogs and the puppies.  I know of some of the sacrifices you've made for them (staying up night after night with mama dogs, trips to the vet, endless phone calls and emails to all of us who've acquired a pup from you) and opening your home every time I wanted to come visit Cody while he was little!  Your life revolves around the Corgis and you're not getting rich!  Sure you have to pay the bills....but the sacrifice is huge!  I'm so thankful we found you!  I'm still hoping that I can doggie-sit one of these days while you're in town for a vet trip!  Last night Cody lost his very last puppy tooth!  The left canine came out while I was playing with him!  Yay!  No more "nails" to drive into my hands~he he.  He is getting neutered at the end of the month, but not before we take him with us to the mountains for 3 days...hoping that we'll have some fresh snow for him to play in!!!!  I'll send pictures too.  Thank you once again for being a good, responsible Corgi breeder!  You love your dogs and puppies!  It was evident from the first response I got from you when I emailed.  Thanks for opening your home when I came to visit (5 times, I think!) and for my sweet Cody!  He is such a joy to us....LOVE HIM!!!!

Hugs to you. 

He is SO handsome!  Congrats to you, and to Diana for breeding him.


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