Is anyone familiar with the show Robot Chicken? If you are, you know that when the credits roll, chickens are bawking the theme song. Wynstan goes absolutely insane, it almost sounds like he is trying to match their tone and sing along.

He also barks when certain shows come on, I guess he can pick up on the fact that I don't like them.

How about you guys?

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Not sure what he DISLIKES, but I've noticed that Simon LOVES 'The Colbert Report'. Everytime it's on, particularly when the music starts and the eagle squawks, he sits there, mesmerized. I should try to get a video of it and send it to Colbert -- I bet he'd put it on the show, LOL!
My breeder told me that he went CRAZY when Mannheim Steamroller was playing through their stereo system. I bet Waffle will have some shows he dislikes, but for now all I know is that he dislikes loud, awesome Christmas music. Haha.
Well it's not a T.V. show but whenever I watch a Harry Potter movie Kipper put's his ears back and hides behind a chair.
But he LOVES The Dog Whisperer, He sits on the edge of the couch and just watches.
Finnigan loves the Dog Whisperer too. He likes seeing the dogs move around on the screen.
Cody really likes the Dog whisperer unless the dogs are barking then he is running around with the hair on his back standing up barking too!
Loves Tom and Jerry cartoons. Gotta be the music.
They both love the food network
^This! Molly loves how excited I get while watching Iron Chef America. Must be all the "mmm" noises I make, she thinks she is getting something yummy!
Well it's not tv that bothers our oldest corgi, Wallie.... We found out that he HATES Ozzy Osbourn's Crazy Train song. He just goes nuts barking when he hears it. Even if he is outside and we play it inside the house he will still go nuts!
Maybe that is just his way of rocking out to the Ozz?
24 - especially the CTU ringtone :)
Molly doesn't really respond to any TV show---if there's a commercial and there's knocking, she'll perk up. Layne is still a puppy and seems to have more of a reaction to dogs barking, doorbells, etc on the TV than Molly. No show seems to bother them though, really...I guess I just have very disinterested Corgis:) Not to change the subject...but whenever Molly hears the song "Girls" by the Beastie Boys, she'll run to wherever it's coming from and sit and listen. No other song, just that one. Odd, but hilarious.


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