Without naming names, there was a stupid (convicted of dogfighting) football player who was going to be a spokesman for a famous sandwhich shop, what happened with that?

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I didn't know that, he was on TV the other day. I still can't believe that the almighty dollar won out over common decency, which is to ignore him and make him suffer for EVER.


Isn't he up your way Steve?


Not any more!!!!!! Used to be.

I see where he is now and they ain't got no couth up there either, so maybe a they deserve eachother.


is he actually the spokesman? I heard about it being a possibility, but without cable I don't keep up with it.  When I heard it was going to happen I stopped going to that particular sandwich shop.  What was the result?
Amerikans go in for tasteless food, tasteless businesses, tasteless schlock.  He'll be perfect.
I don't know about sandwiches, but he did definitely get an endorsement for a certain athletic shoe company whose name starts with an N and rhymes with "bite me".    Guess what brand of shoes I'll never buy again?

I *think* but not at all positive that he did not become the spokesbutthead for Subway (never liked them much anyways), but he definitely did for ImnolongereverbuyingfromagainNike.  But, again, not sure at all...things might've changed.

It's so nice to know that you can be a complete rear orifice, commit crimes, and have zip regard for our fellow creatures and STILL make a bajillion dollars.

Well Ellen, this is the argument that avid sports fans give you... and is exactly why I never watch any:


"You see he can play like a god and we shouldn't be making our sport players our heros. So why shouldn't he still be playing and making money. Besides, he already served his time and now he can't own dogs. See! Problem solved!"


I guess the moral of the story is that people don't have enough faith in themselves to think they deserve better then the fast food chains being pushed at them and the horrible, child-slave labor shoes being pitched to them. They believe that some day they will be rich and somehow become president like their mommy's told them in grade school. They've forgotten that we are the one's who made these people rich and we have just as much power to take it away.


At least some good has come from this case...dog fighting is horrible and the attention it brought to help stop it is good, Vick has become a spokesman against fighting and has donated much time and money to the cause.  Whether he does this out of a sincere desire to atone or guilt, or to just try to look good is immaterial.  Good causes are being helped and that's what's important. 


"they ain't got no couth up there"--  what the heck does that mean?

"Amerikans go in for tasteless food, tasteless businesses, tasteless schlock"--  Geesh!  All of us?

Philadelphia's NFL team is not known for it's sportsmanship and great attitude, that is what I meant, not Philly itself just the team.
My problem with this is....if he didn't get caught...he'd still be doing it:(
He did get caught and is still doing it. That small fine and amount of time is not going to keep him from doing it. The money is too good.


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