In your opinion, what's the average cost that it takes to raise a healthy, loving Corgi? What's absolutely essential and what can you do without? Any advice is appreciated! With our first Corgi, Belle, we want to make sure that we're doing it right!

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ONE MILLION DOLLARS, says my long-suffering husband.

Seriously, you should put away $500 in an injury fund if you possibly can; that will reduce the rest of it because you will know you have enough to deal with an illness or injury.

After that, you're talking about 2-3 routine vet visits during the puppy year, plus spay. In this area that would be about $600 total but it varies by state.

Good food is about $2-3 per pound.

Toys and edible chewies would be maybe another few dollars a month. I get knuckle bones (NOT "soup bones" that look like tubes) from the grocery store and give one every few days or every week.

Training: $100 for puppy K is a MUST. I'd love to see you go on from there to a level II class but that's not absolutely required.

You can do without things that make life more luxurious - for example, I have a hard time living without a grooming table and dryer but I've done it and will do it again. You can use your own shampoo as long as it's mild. She doesn't need $10 toys; tie a knot in a sock and use it as a fetch toy. And so on. Just don't skimp on vet care, food, or training.
After horses, corgis are cheap! Hee!Hee! Joanna, that is a good idea to put away $500 for emergencies. I would recommend setting aside $600 because a Dallas-area specialist visit (not after hours E.R.) costs about $300 and that doesn't include medicine, Xray/ultrasound, treatment or follow up visits.
Priceless!! Seriously I recommend paying up front for a puppy coming from a breeder that tests for common defects such as hip dysplasia. That will reduce your risk of expensive issues. Otherwise costs are very relative to the area you live in. Call a local vet and or the ASPCA for costs of puppy shots etc. An emergency fund if you are on a tight budget is a good idea too.


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