Atlas just started crawling under my bed for no apparent reason other than to push the wooden mattress support planks and listen to the noise they make.
The bed is really low to the ground, so low-that he has to lay on his side, and then slide under the bed with his back legs, then once he's past the lip he has just enough room to snake around on his belly under there.

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That is too cute! Molly was the same way with her little stuffed frog, she would carry that thing everywhere and was SO gentle with it. I thought it was the sweetest thing in the world. Then one day I find her in her crate atop a mountain of fluff, her frog's eye is gone and most of the stuffing is removed. Hopefully Bear has a little more respect for his stuffed animal pals :o)
We have been able to make Murphy howl. Chris and I will both start howling and making other really strange noises and after awhile of hearing it he'll tilt his head back and start howling. It's the cutest thing, but I think it upsets him because then afterward he sniffles and gives us those big, brown sad puppy eyes. I really want to know what is going through his mind when we do that.
I've only had my Corgi puppy for a few weeks and she already does alot of strange things. Jazzy(my puppy) seems to think swimming in the toliet is a completely natural thing. We've tried closing the lid by she can still open it and if she's not trying to get in it, she's plunging in the shower or the bathtub while your in it! She is water obssesed. Is that normal in anyway?
I've heard form several people here that their corgi is water-obsessed! Sidney is the opposite, he hates it. He balks at going outside if its raining and if we're out on a hike we have to carry him across the creek. What a Prima Donna! Such a shame since we live less than 1/2 hour from the Pacific Ocean.
Elwyn has always been obsessed with noises and songs. If he hears the Vonage (woo hoo) commercial, he goes totally nuts barking. He does the same thing if you Sneeze, or say "Buzz". He also remembers songs that we use for Ringtones. If he hears that song, even if it isn't the phone ringing or it hasn't been a ringtone for a long time he will go nuts. Recently, we were playing America- Sister Golden Hair (Which has never been a ringtone) and he went crazy barking and he even started howling. I have no idea how he remembers these songs but he cracks me up.
Bella is the weirdest Corgi I've ever seen starting with her eating habits. Really, have you ever met a Corgi that didn't like to eat? How about one that would rather sleep on her back than anything else? One of her very favorite things to do is what we refer to as a 'crack run'. She will randomly take off around our living room and make a complete, high speed circuit through every room in our house. She also LOVES the front yard. It's like the forbidden land and she's constantly begging to go out there (it's not fenced, so she's not allowed out there without us). The front yard is also one of her favorite places to 'talk', roll and 'crack run'. But probably the craziest thing she does is trying to assert her ownership of my husband over me. She will ignore him all day until I walk through the door and then she's running for his lap, where she sits and stares at me. If I'm sitting next to him on the couch, Bella will jump up or bother me with her toys until I get up. Once I get up, she jumps up and talks my spot. She also LOVES to watch TV. We can no longer watch the Dog Whisper because she growls at the other dogs. Horses and Cats have the same effect. There are days when we both just shake our heads and wonder how we ended up with such a crazy little dog!
Someone else said it best when they said the list of things their corgi does that is not weird would be much shorter.

Autumn gets very excited (upset?) when my boyfriend takes off or puts on his pants. She has this special "peep-peep-peep peep-peep-peep peep-peep-peep" noise that she makes. She also insists upon drinking out of the bathroom sink and will actually growl from inside the bathroom until I get out of bed and lift her onto the counter so she can drink. She is absolutely obsessed with water. She is also absolutely terrified of doors opening or closing by themselves.

I think the pants thing definitely takes the cake though. Lol.
Bonnie talks in the morning, sounds like she is trying to mimick us. She also does the burying and hiding of chews, I think that is because our Romo (short for Romeo- my husband says it is short for Romanowski) the alpha dog likes to come steal them. Romo will sit there with all the bones and toys around him and not want any of them. He just doesnt want Bonnie to have them. But they get along great. Most of the time you will find them lying in the same place in front of a vent with one head on the other.

Oh that reminds me. Our electric bill was high so we have been trying to keep the air off as much as possible. So apparently Ms. Bonnie was hot and we watched her go from each vent mess with the directional, check to see if air was coming out and then finally out of frustration just plopped down after checking the last one. It was the funniest thing I ever watched.
Hahaha! what a smart corgi!
Until Lucky got his wheels, he would sit and FRAP...real cute! Well, it was, until the duck landed in an antique bowl - I should know better, I caught the cat sitting in it also! Both dogs also TRY to fit under the bed when we have thunder and lightning...Sonny is around 40 pounds, he is pretty darn cute trying to get under the bed while barking madly at the mean storm - meanwhile, if our son is home, he is yelling "stop that, stop that" what a circus.
Wrigley will sit and stare at his laser pointer when he wants to play. Not just for short periods of time, but he will sit there literally until we pick up and play.
This is so funny. I have to agree because ours wont eat the hard biscuits either. They will eat everything else under the sun but those.


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