I was wondering when to starting trusting your puppy. My corgi, Scooter, is 6 months old and he sleeps every night in his cage. I was wondering when I can start trusting him to sleep in bed with me. I want to bring him to bed with me and see what happens but there is that part of me that is afraid of him going potty in the bed. And/or getting up while I am sleeping and wandering around unsupervised. He does really good on his potty training. He barely has any accidents. I was also wondering how much freedom I should be allowing him. I let him run around the house but I am afraid that if he is out of his cage without constant supervision that he is going to have an accident. Am I just being paranoid about him having an accident? Or should I wait till he's older to give him more freedom and sleeping in bed with me?

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Hi Stephanie, continue to train your corgi daily, I think most owners who have / had a 2 year old corgi would say 1.5 - 2 year old with ZERO accident in the past 6 months is considered more "trust worthy". Trust and Freedom needs to be earned slowly, peeing on a mattress is irreversible. Good luck, keep up with the training!
For sure, after age of one.  Maybe closer to one and a half.  That will cut down on the risk of freedom :)
I really hate to say this, but I wish I had never taken them out of their crate at night.  Not because of accidents or not trusting them it just comes down to a good nights sleep.  I love my boys so much but two corgi's plus us in bed at night is not a restful situation for the humans. (the dogs sleep well)  We have a king and aren't large people, the boys just spread out and become immovable objects.  It was nice having sweet puppies cuddle with us but they did grow up.  If I could do it over I would have let them sleep in their crate with the door open in our room.  Hope I don't sound like a terrible mother.

I let Luke start sleeping with us when he was maybe 4-5 months old and he never had an accident. He was incredibly easy to potty train though, I think it really just depends on the individual dog. I use a baby gate to keep them in the bedroom at night so even if they did get up they can't really go anywhere.


@Roger and Laurie, I feel your pain lol. My two are such bed hogs and I'm a really light sleeper, so having two dogs in the bed definitely does affect my sleep.

Franklin quit using the crate when he was 6 months old. It just happened after his neuter because he got really scared in the crate with the blow up collar, and he ended up ripping his toenail off shortly after his neuter so that just added to the unpleasantness of the whole situation, so just to help him get comfortable at night to sleep I let him sleep on my bed. He has been there ever since :-) By 6 months Franklin wasn't having many accidents, VERY RARELY, and we had moved to a new house with a nice big patio with some dirt so potty training became a breeze (we started in an 3rd floor apartment with no elevator). He never had any accidents in the house unless we both got up and I didn't let him out right away. He would wander between my room and my brother's room at that time, which was fine.It was generally to go from one bed to another. If he has been doing well with his potty training, you should be fine. Just let him out right before bed and right when you get up in the morning. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night for some reason, just let him out then too if you want. Franklin came to me at 8 weeks old almost fully potty trained and at my parents house where they had a backyard he didn't have a single accident even though he had the run of the whole house. My tiny apartment on the 3rd floor was another story. Good luck!

My corgi is only 5 months, and I don't think she'll have that kind of freedom for another year or so. Our dachshund was a tough cookie. We tried crate training him, and it just didn't work. We let him sleep with us and I slept horribly. Eventually we trained him with the command "Go to your own bed" and when we say that he climbs out of our bed and burrows inside his own comforter on the floor beside our bed. I think it's the perfect solution for us. We all climb in bed for some down time (reading, watching tv, or playing on laptops), and when it's time to sleep we say the magic words and everyone goes to sleep in their own bed. He didn't learn this till he was almost 2. We have found that now he prefers to sleep in his own bed, and when he's done cuddling, he's done. You may find that since your corgi is crate trained that he prefers sleeping in is own bed over yours. Not all dogs sleep well in a crowded bed. I would wait til he's older to find out though.



We waited a little over a year before our first corgi started sleeping on the bed.  It's amazing how those four little paws can push me over to the edge of the bed.  He's never had an accident on the bed.  The couple of times there's been an event during the night, he jumped down and went as close to the door as he could.  Dogs do not want to soil where they sleep.

His 11 month younger brother started sleeping on the bed at about six months.  Smart little guy admiringly learned everything from his brother and we've never had a problem.


We started letting Stanley sleep outside of his crate when he was about 6 months old.  We didn't have any potty accidents during the night and he never got into anything he shouldn't.  It was a gradual process.  I would say if you're still feeling paranoid about it, it might not be the right time.  There's no need to rush it.  And I can tell you from experience, your corgi will be a total bed hog and your bed will be covered in corgi fur.  You'll wake up with a paw in your face or a snout in your eye but if you don't mind all that, there's nothing better than waking up next to a snuggly pup :)
i got chloe at nearly 5 months old. i tried crateing her at night but the woman i got her from had neglected her and she spent a majority of her time in a crate so needless to say the crate was unpleasant for her, i only used it when i wasnt gonna be home to keep her from eating stuff. when i got chloe i had a waterbed with a headboard that had little cubbys in it and i put a pillow in one of the cubbies and she would sleep in the headboard, the bed was too tall for her to get out of and she has always been good at getting me up if shes needs out to potty. she is nearly 5 five now and she would rather sleep in her bed at night...im a bed hog.


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