My corgi pup Dexter is about 10 weeks old and I'm wondering when his cute little ears will stand up. Currently he's got some odd mid-air action going on, and one of his brothers had his ears up at 8 weeks.

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Do NOT use duct tape!
His ears are almost "up" now but he has a tendancy to fold them back when we are playing or he's walking, so they are still floppy and kind of "bendy" is this normal as they come up?
My 1st corgi's (Star) ears were up at 6 weeks when we got her. Our 2nd corgi (Blue) has huge ears & had to be taped for the better part of a month to get them to stand. Our 3rd corgi (Memphis) ears stood up at 9 weeks. None of my dogs ears fell back down after they were standing on their own. We gave cottage cheese, vitamin C, & lots of ear rubs to the last two.
Walter came to us at 14 weeks and his ears were floppy floppy floppy! We decided to try taping but he hated it and we did too.... end result being ONE floppy ears and ONE standing (although that too will flop when he is tired) I LOVE IT! He looks like such a silly little guy when he gets his serious look on with the one floppy ear. Everyone comments on how it is too cute. It took a while for me to accept that it wasnt going to stand but once I did I was in love :)
Well it is a year later, and Rockstar's ears never quite got strong. They stand up, but his ears are really floppy, even to this day. They are also a bit pointer than my other corgi's ears are. I guess it was genetic.
Laika's ears were up when I got her at 9 weeks and they're almost always up. I had to tape Orion's at 12 weeks because they're HUGE! They fold at the middle and flop down when he's sleeping, saying hi, excited, etc. If you feel them Laika's have real firm cartilage and Orion's are very easily bendable. Orion's mom had ears like him, so maybe its a genetic thing
Finn is 10 weeks old now, and his ears are both sticking out to the sides. They seem like they want to pop up, but they just haven't yet. I've been feeding him a slice of cheese a day for about the last week, but I don't know if it's helping. Maybe he should be getting more...?

I can't bring myself to tape them, it just seems mean. He's a pet, not a show dog, so if they don't pop up, oh well. He's cute just the way he is, and I won't do anything un-natural to make them stand up.
Hi Misti! Not to worry, folks use blue masking tape, the gentle painless kind that don't rip paint / hair off. You can read the taping method here, and the hat method here.. Finn is still young, if his ears are not up by 14 weeks, you can consider taping them then.

Having floppy ears does not affect a dog's hearing at all, you'll want to keep them clean and dry, excess moisture can cause ear infection.
I taped Orion's ears with blue painters tape at 12 weeks old and after 3 days they stood up. He barely noticed the tape and when I took it off it came off easily and didn't pull any hair out. Floppy ears do tend to have a higher rate of ear infections so there is a medical reason for wanting them to stand up if that clears your conscience ;)

Here's before/after pictures


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