ok so up until last month baden has been such a good boy and i was so proud of him. now hes starting to forget all of his training and the moment he steps outside he thinks hes a big 120 pound dog. he will walk out and do this loud bark to announce that hes outside. i put him back inside for a min and then we head out for out walk or to the car. he will growl at everything that makes a noise. i scold him and hes done for maybe a min and then will find another thing to growl at. the whole walk is nothing but him with his fur raised and growling at everyone. its so embarrassing, especially when someone asks to pet him and then he will growl at someone else and they think its them.

we walked on a bridge called "the big dam bridge" and we got out of the car and he did his growl/bark at every one, after 30 seconds he was fine. he wanted to greet and say hi to whoever. even on the bridge he did great but then he was playing with a dog and he just stopped and looked all around and raised his hackles and just growled at everyone. it was like he didnt notice they were there and then when he did he thought the were demon's. i scolded him but it didnt mater...he just kept doing it and ruined the fun i was having with friends so we started walking back and it was dark so i understand he growled then but it got to the point where it was so bad that he couldnt stop. i tried to talk to him so he knew it was ok but he didnt look scared he just looked like he didnt want no part of anyone there.

i dont get it! i socialized him very well at a young age and kept up on it, he was doing awesome up until a month ago. im taking him to a class when arthur gets back (the little rock training club)  but thats 2months away. i am open to whatever anyone suggests. i just need help, i am all into positive training but if he needs something more then please let me know... im open to any and all suggestions. at the moment i walk him on a regular collar, i tried a slip collar yesterday (because he backed out of his collar 2days ago) could that have caused it?

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Ace was a total turd around that age. He barked at EVERY dog we saw on walks, and pulled like crazy. It was so embarrassing, especially when I would tell people that I aspire to be a dog trainer eventually. They'd take one look at this barky gray potato and just be like "Yeah, okay...". Ahh! But he settled down pretty quickly afterwards. If you think 5-6 mo. is bad, wait until they hit their actual adolescence. Everything you thought your dog knew is gonna fly out the window if he so chooses. :D


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