I have 2 Red and White corgis and we got them around the same time.  They are brother and sister and are 3 years old.  We got a Tri-colored corgi back in December.  She is 8 months old. 

I prefer the tri colored and my husband prefers the Red and White.

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I love all the colors! I started with red/white and added 2 more. Livvy is a tri, she was my 4th. This summer I was going to add a red headed tri but chose to keep Sage my sable instead. Right now I would have to say Sage(my sable) is my favorite color and I thought I would never want a sable!
I had a red headed tri first. 4 of the 6 corgi's I have had have been red headed tri's. Now I have a red and white, and a black headed tri, and I have to say that when to comes to my Corgi's, my heart is colorblind. :)
I got Lilo and her parents are both Sable... she was 'supposed' to be sable, and is sable/white on her papers... but she is a red/white.
Bandit is my first black headed tri
Gotta love em!
Got the red head first, she is 2 yrs old. We just added a 3 mo old tri male, what FUN!
I love them all of course! Butttt I must say that i prefer red and whites.... I think it's mostly because that is just what I always thought of when I used to think about Corgis (when I was younger and whatnot). 
We started with Lance a Blue Merle Cardi and then rescued Tucker the red and white (the red is a deep red)  I love the tri color too.  We were thinking of originally adding a brindle cardi.

Always had red and whites 'til last year when we got our tri-rescue. I prefer both colors, LOL!


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