Does anyone have experience with or heard anything of the following three brands of glucosamine supplements?Juno's about 10/10.5months old. I plan on starting some type of joint supplement for him as a preventative or what have you. I asked the vet and they said he's so young that he doesn't need one and corgis are only prone to disc's slipping so they haven't been of much help. These are the three brands that seem to do well but I'm trying to figure out which one. I, myself am not sure the difference between the three brands. A trainer at petco suggested Consequin, the regular one & not DS..though not to start until he's 1yrs old. Will starting now be bad?

Nutramax Cosequin/DS(i don't think Juno needs DS though since it's max strength)

Dasuquin(with MSM)

Glyco flex(1/2/3?)(don't think Juno needs 3 as it's max strength)

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Dasuquin is my personal favorite. I think you are smart to start him on the supplements now. The whole idea is to protect the joints before there is damage. They are much more effective at preventing joint disease than "fixing" it. My cardi has been on dasuquin since he was six months.

Do you feed your cardi Dasuqin with or without MSM? Thanks!

After Zin blew his cruciate (knee) we started all three on Cosequin then moved up to Dasuquin when Zin was diagnosed with DJD (arthritis) in his hips.  But it was pretty pricey when you are giving it to 3 corgis.  So, we switched to Duralactin for all three....{ One would have to assume that since Lexus and Payton were never diagnosed or had issues with their joints it was helpful.  Both crossed The Bridge in 2011-- Lexus of old age at 15 yrs and Payton at age 8 yrs due to kidney failure}

Zin is now 13 1/2 yrs and on Duralactin and Adequan. He is doing well.

We rescued Alfie after losing Lexus and Payton. He will be 11 yrs old in Feb. We put him on Duralactin as soon as he came to us.  He has since been diagnosed with SEVERE DJD in his back, which is very different than disc disease.  So, we  are just continuing right now with the Duralactin and will probably add Adequan in the future.

Hey I saw that your pup blew his cruciate. Just wondering what you did for treatment whether is be surgery or not and how It turned out. Sammie has it now :/

Dasaquin and Cosequin are both very good formulas that are sold at vets. Being sold at a vet means that the levels of Glucosamine/Chondrotin that it says are in the bottle are actually in there (most nutracuticals are not regulated by FDA so you don't always know what you are getting). A good over the counter brand that my vets recommend is Move Free. The Dasaquin and Cosequin are nice because they come in a beef chew so you don't have to hide it. The Move Free I have to put in a pill pocket to get Frank to eat it.

My vet put Snickers on Dasuquin after her knee surgery (for the rest of her life). I also give it to our 10 yr old Spaniel. My vet sells it for the same as I could get it online, surprisingly enough. It is expensive, but how can you put a price on the health of your fur-baby Snickers is 5, so I don't know how young is safe to start.

My son's Corgi just had a major surgery to repair a shattered leg & knee; his orthopedic surgeon is starting him on a glucosamine supplement. He recommended ConsequinDS but also said Costco's brand is a close 2nd.

Good luck!

Honestly for prevention we just use whatever is cheapest. If we had a major orthopedic problem I'd go with the vet's recommendation, but we just buy the pet-store brands and give a half pill each of what is usually called "level 2."


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