Tesla is 14 weeks old and is almost the complete opposite of my first (1yr old) corgi, Ein. Which is great! She lights a fire under him and they play and tumble and I love it, BUT she whines almost constantly. She whines when she has to go out or when she's hungry and we always default to, "Do you have to potty?" If she does she'll go to the door and bark at you or ring her bell. So for the life of me I can't figure out why she just seems to whine for no reason after we cycle through the possible reasons why. We play with her, feed her, take her out and she'll just start whining while she stares at you like you should be able to read her puppy mind. 


Do I just have a cry baby for a corgi?

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I searched the discussions and nothing popped up relating to this specifically, if there is a topic covering this I apologize for a repeat post :)
maybe she is in pain?  check her paws and in between the toes to make sure nothing is caught there.  Maybe her leg hurts her somewhere, just some thoughts?  Hope you can figure it out.

Most likely translations for the whining:

1. "I want something!  Preferably food!  Please give it to me now!  Failing food, please give me attention, because I have figured out that I can only get food if you are paying attention to me!"

2. "Hello!  There's a corgi here that would like attention, please!  Hi!"   

3. "Hey!  You can't hear it, but people are slamming car doors/people are talking/other dogs are barking outside, and this is UNACCEPTABLE!"  


In short, unless you think she may actually be in pain, it might be best to just pat her for reassurance and ignore any additional whining.  Corgis, like small children, know exactly how to tug on your heartstrings, the manipulative little darlings.  :)  



P.S. I *love* your corgis' names!  Do I sense electrical engineers/physicists?  -ASK

Indeed you do sense engineers/physicists ;) They do live up to their names, they're smart. Too smart if you ask the cat.



What a great photo!  One of my corgis (the youngest at 4 years) communicates mostly by whining.  Sometimes it's to let me know she needs to piddle, sometimes because she wants to play, but usually it's because she wants attention and the whining and pitiful puppy look makes me rub her belly.  She's got me trained well and she's got quite a whine vocabularly.

Edison's response hit it spot-on I think and I quote "...the manipulative little darlings."

Yep, as others said it sounds like she has just figured out that whining gets her attention and usually what she wants. Henry's default "begging" behavior is sitting up on his butt like a meerkat...and when you say the thing he wants he will sit down. It was very cute at first (okay it's still kind of cute) but when he wants something like a bully stick he will sit there on his bum for 10 minutes staring me down until I finally break down and give him one lol.
That is hilariously adorable!  Or at least I think it's cuter than Edison's method, which is the nose-poke.  I never knew a dog could get so emphatic with a nose-poke to the knee.
That's wicked cute :) Ein does the Soul Stare, when he sits there, stares and doesn't move a muscle but you can feel him staring at you the entire time until you cave.
My Chepstow is a whiner.  He whines to go outside, when it is dinner time, when he wants attention.  He rarely barks like his brother.  Think I prefer the whining instead of that barking "back-talk" that our sweet little darlings tend to do.
Thank you everyone! :) It's nice to know I'm not alone in the whine department. She totally does it for attention but I think she's at that stage where she wants you to pay attention to her but she doesn't know what she wants from you attention wise. "HEY! Come into the living room!" Okay why? "...I dunno." 

I have checked her over to see if she's hurt and she's a-okay :) Still a tiny, furry missile that can jump surprisingly high for a Corgi.


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