Hey everyone!

I've looked through the before and after pictures on some of the threads and I've looked at pictures of Winston as a puppy and now. I'm wondering if anyone can help clarify white facial markings of corgi pups. I've been trying to determine if the white stripe on corgi faces is set from a really young age or not.

It is looking like that is the truth but I'm not sure. Winston's white face marking looks identical today as it did when I first brought him home at 10weeks. And several other corgis, even though the masks change, the white parts never seem to vary over time. Is this the case? Is white fur somehow different from colored fur? Can a pup not have a white area on their face and then over time, a stripe emerge? The closest I've seen is the pups who have a short chunk of white above their nose and then like a dimple on their forehead of white but over time it almost makes a stripe.

I hope what I'm asking makes sense. Haha.

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You make sense. Most of the time they will keep the white about the same as when they are young pups the white can widen or get narrower but not by much. Tris can change more as they start out more as 2 colors and then the 3rd emerges.

Yeah I noticed that Winston's coloration has shifted, like his mask, but the stripe of white is the same and the white areas of his feet and belly stayed the same. Interesting, I wonder why.

My Randy lost most or all the while on his forehead with age.  As a pup he had a large strip up from his nose that flared out above his eyes.  It is now a narrow strip with very little above the eyes.  The breeder thought that he would loose most or all of the black on his nose (and turn white) and it didn't.  So it may vary.

So it's kind of unpredictable. Randy is adorable btw :D

Thanks.  When he is clean, he can look very good but he is very dirty at present (rain & Mud).

Haha, yeah Winston and I just got back from his little potty break and since it was raining, he's looking pretty dirty at present.


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