Our 7 month old female corgi, Lucy will not go out the back door. She is almost completely housebroken, but she doesn't ask to go outside and when I open the door to go out she just stands there in the doorway. (My 2 yr old male, Linus, cannot get out the door fast enough). I have tried coaxing her out by talking to her, giving her a treat when she gets out, and occasionally I've had to pick her up and bring her out. Once she is out the door she's fine. She'll walk down the stairs and do her puppy business or play in the yard. She also comes back inside when called, no problem. I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions on getting her to go out the door, I'm not even worried about her signaling that she needs to go out because we let Linus out ALL THE TIME, so if she goes out even half as much as he does, she'll be fine. I just can't get her to cross the threshold of the door. (She doesn't seem to be scared to go out, she's just not eager and if I do not "force" her to go outside she will have accidents in the house.)

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Sage was trained to wait until I say "OK" this was part of her Therapy and obedience training. Could she be waiting to get an OK or a "let's go"? Just a thought...some of my others just barrel through the door which is much more frustrating.


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