I have 2 corgi's, one will walk on a leash and goes to obedience and all that jive. the other (Titan) Will freak out once that leash is attached to his collar or even a choke chain. He bites and growls, and he will stay in one spot until the leash comes off. Any suggestions how to get him to be okay with this?

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I only recently got Lemmy to stop attacking the leash. I couldn't leave it on him threw out the house because he would destroy it lol. I just kept attaching it, corrected his behavior and the second he wasn't biting the leash I started walking and give the " Lemmy come" command.
O kept walking, never once looking at him unless he went for the leash then I corrected and continued. Eventually he figured out he can't attack the leash and follow me at the same time... and that I'm going to keep walking either way. Once we got off the property it was never a problem.

How does the leash come off???? If you are taking it off you are doing him a great disfavor. You need to have a collar tight enough that he can't pull out (I would use a Martingale),say "let's go" and start walking. Once you pull him a few times he may decide to come. Also have treat along so after he "walks" awhile he can "sit" and get a treat.

Renee, have you tried a soft harness?


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