I'm not sure but I
think I saw a worm in Shelly's stool tonight...... whatever it was was
maybe the length of a finger nail white and flat.

She seems perfectly healthy no loose stools, active, eating and drinking well, she doesnt seem to be loosing any fur and we just had a
fecal sample about a month ago and nothing abnormal came up.....

If it is a worm should I take her to the vet or just de-worm her myself?

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It probley is a tapeworm....... google it you should find alot of info on them. I just rescued my Bentley & they pound said the wormes him twice but I noticed some tapeworms in his stool tonight.

are you planning on taking him to the vet for it or are you just going to treat him yourself?
I agree it sounds like tapeworm...the usual wormer does not have this in so he will need a special one for tape worm and this could also be why she still has these worms if she was just wormed for the "usual" ones. Just ask your vet for tape worm wormer. These can also change in appearance as they may look longer one day than the next. Mine get a rabbitt once in awhile and then I usually worm them for tapeworm!


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