This post isn't exactly corgi related, but I've been recently offered a job to write a manuscript about training therapy dogs.  I hope to learn a lot and educate people on what it takes to train.   I have no experience in this, but I'll be working with/observing a trainer through my writing process (being a history major I have a ton of experience writing, analyzing facts, etc.).  This is such an exciting opportunity.

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Are you planning to take your own Corgi though the training and volunteering with her in that capacity?  Nothing beats first hand experience. Good luck with the work.

This is great news! I also find it ironic, that I just recently finished registering and training as a pet therapy team with my corgi. If you have any questions, let me know!       I am registered through Pet Partners. There website is   You may find links or some useful information there. Hope this helps. Happy Writing!

As Anna stated, first hand experience is the best and you would have a great idea as to all that goes with owning a Therapy Dog:)  We belong to Therapy Dog Inc. and a local chapter of this, they have strict rules as I am assuming every organization does. It's a wonderful experience!

Congratulations!  That's awesome.


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